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James Burton Concert Cancelled

May 07, 2007 | Other
Just announced and for reasons unknown at the time of writing, James Burton and Billy Swan have cancelled tonights open date of their UK tour in Brighton. It is also known that tomorrows gig (8th) at The Leeds Irish Centre have been cancelled too.
Source:The Elvis Express
Lex wrote on May 07, 2007
A few raindrops.... :-)
fordy wrote on May 07, 2007
i am of the opinion that they simply haven't sold enough tickets. If this is the case it is a crying shame. I think that 'we' in the UK are not the best serviced when it comes to being visited by Elvis' associates (when you consider our neighbours in other European countries), but if we don't buy tickets and encourage guests to come over what do we expect.
MR61 wrote on May 09, 2007
Not really bothered truthfully
walkerelvis wrote on May 10, 2007
Saw James and Billy last night at the cluny in newcastle and they were both brilliant. After the show he signed photos of himself and elvis and i asked him about the midnight concert they have planned for the 16th, but he didnt give much away except that it will be different from the one at 8pm. Will be ordering tickets next week then.