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Essential Elvis Volume 7 - Elvis At The Jungle

May 12, 2007 | Music
This new CD, entitled ”Essential Elvis Volume 7 - Elvis At The Jungle”, on the Fans Only label has just been released. Several tracks from this CD have previously been released on “Our Memories Of Elvis”, “Platinum: A Life In Music” and the “Today, Tomorrow And Forever” box-set.

Track listing:

For The Heart (Alternate Take 1) / She Thinks I Still Care (Alternate Take 2B) / Moody Blue (Undubbed / Unedited Master Take 10) / Hurt (Alternate Take 2) / Pledging My Love (Alternate Take 3) / She Thinks I Still Care (Alternate Take 10) / Love Coming Down (Undubbed Mater Take 5) / For The Heart (Alternate Take 4) / Danny Boy (Unedited Alternate Take 9) / She Thinks I Still Care (Undubbed Master Take 17) / Way Down (Part Of Take 1 + Undubbed Master Take 3) / I'll Never Fall In Love Again (Undubbed Master Take 9) / Bitter They Are, Harder They Fall (Rough Cut Mix) / Solitaire (Undubbed Master Take 11) / Never Again (Undubbed Master Take 14) / For The Heart (Undubbed Master Take 8) / Hurt (Alternate Take 5) / She Thinks I Still Care (Remixed Version) / Way Down (Remixed Version) / Moody Blue (Alternate Take 6 Without Fade Out) / Hurt (Undubbed Master Take 7) / Hurt (Informal Recording / X-Rated Version)
Source:For CD Collectors Only
Shakingruud wrote on May 12, 2007
what a terrible front cover!!
Jerome wrote on May 12, 2007
anything on it that was unreleased before (by any label?) Anyone?
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on May 12, 2007
Oh my, when i first saw essential Elvis vol.7 i actually thought this was a official release from sony bmg rca whoever is selling his music these days but instead its umm this thing!Remixed versions? jerome thats a good question!
wayup wrote on May 12, 2007
This label should be named "Parazite". Essential Elvis 7 is a joke. Also joke is your question, Jerome :-). These so called "labels" who are doing things TIGER MAN series, LEGENDARY 9 etc.... always claim there is something unreleased and of course this is always bullshit, lie. No single unreleased thing there, all stolen from BMG/boot CDs. I feel only sorry for thr fans who are buying this kind of crappiest crap.
Lex wrote on May 12, 2007
Another quick buck on fans...
Ciscoking wrote on May 12, 2007
C-R-A-P.. I was just wondering how often I wrote this word these days...
Paul Reno wrote on May 14, 2007
Wonder why they used a 1975 picture on the cover? A rare 1976 cover shot could have been used. It is cashing in on fans who have bought the fantastic FTD release of the Jungle Room Sessions. A lot of the 'undubbed' songs are really just mixed differently. I'll wait for volume 2 of Jungle Room Sessions, when FTD do a follow-up.
Mystery Rider wrote on May 14, 2007
These sessions from Elvis Presley Blvd were Elvis' voice but not his heart, Elvis was just doing the "night of the Living Dead" waiting for the closing act.
wayup wrote on May 14, 2007
Well big SH*T is probably more appropriate word than CRAP.
Steve V wrote on May 14, 2007
Agree with Mystery Rider. The least inspired recording sessions of his career and my least favorite Elvis studio LP. He just wasnt into recording anymore. Why do so many people love these sessions?
Shakingruud wrote on May 14, 2007
Hi Steve, Just listen to ´Its Easy For You´ and then you´ll know what made these sessions so special. The man was almost dead, but he still tries to make the best of it. And, ´Way Down´ is one of his best 70´s rockers!
Lex wrote on May 14, 2007
It would be great if all fans were strong and ignore releases like this. Let those bastards who release sh*t like this (and I'm not even talking about the recordings themselves :-)) make a nice loss a couple of times! Unfortunately a couple of diehard collectors and fans that are lost will buy it probably, enough to cash and make a buck. Even better would be if they were turned in. :-)
stanton wrote on May 14, 2007
Sure, Elvis said that he wants the BEST of him to be remembered forever....long after he`d be gone. But face it: the things that were not his really very BEST are still alot better by far than the things others release as their "very best of...". So, I just found out right here that I am a diehard fan, I guess, because I just LOVE the jungle room session recordings; there is so much feeling in the voice, in the way he expresses the lyrics, I could just die for listening to it. I WILL buy it; and I will love it..again.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on May 15, 2007
2 good reasons i will not buy this umm release, (1) Its not worth the money (2)I dont wont to waste my shelf space & 3 its a piece of junk!
Rob Wanders wrote on May 15, 2007
I won't buy this cd (nothing new for me amongst it), but these 76 sessions are still one of my favourite sessions. Elvis using not only his voice but also his heart (Oh yes, Steve). Listen to "Its easy for you" or "love coming down" or "blue eyes crying in the rain", or "Bitter theya are" ...I can go on. Vulnerabilty at it's highests.
Paul Reno wrote on May 16, 2007
I agree with Rob. I love the sessions. Elvis sang with his heart - in fact it seems he gives his heart when singing. How can you say his heart wasn't in it? He was unwell, but despite the problems he had he could still produce some fantastic music. Moody Blue, Way Down, It's Easy For You, For the Heart... I could go on, but these are quality recordings. To each his own, as they say but the Jungle Room sessions by FTD are their number one top seller - that speaks for itself.
Steve V wrote on May 16, 2007
Hey I'm not saying he didnt sing with his heart & God bless him, he tired, I just think they are sub-par performances when compared to his earlier 70's work. You can tell by his breathing and the phrasing. It wasnt that good. A rocker like Way Down would have been much better even 2 years earlier. Its Easy For You is prob the best of the lot as far as vocal. But the Blvd LP is still my least favorite. Those 2 songs arent even on it. I dont like the songs at all except for the 2 sides of the single. It was a sad LP in my opinion and a hard listen. It sure didnt revive his career did it.
Lex wrote on May 17, 2007
I'd prefer it if he had sang with his voice instead of his heart :-). Anyway, even it was a compilation of the greatest music he ever made... I hate cheap "cash in" releases like this, especially if they are released by "fellow fans".