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Warner Bros. DVD Updates

May 03, 2007 | Book
The Spanish DVD website called Zona DVD mentions the release of the 30th Anniversary Special editions on DVD of the movies "Viva Las Vegas", "Jailhouse Rock", the documentary "That´s The Way It Is" and the biopic movie "This Is Elvis" several other DVD releases on August 6, 2007.
Source:For Elvis CD Collectors Forum
FJE wrote on May 03, 2007
I just hope they are remastered to perfection, with plenty of additional extras! Wait a minute! This is Elvis we're talking about. So I suppose we'll end up with Full Screen Mono shorter versions of these films! Hope not.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on May 03, 2007
I just wont this is Elvis & Elvis on tour on dvd,i dont see either having a special edition this year,i could be wrong, also the other 6 titles yet to be on dvd,but news from anyone but warner isnt anything ill pay very much attention to!
elvis-finland wrote on May 03, 2007
Warner Brothers is going to release these films on DVD in August 2007. It is sure that these is going to be released in Europe, but I can't say about US & other areas. These are the titles: Elvis: That's the Way It Is, Stay Away, Joe, Live a Little, Love a Little, This is Elvis, Charro! Girl Happy, Kissin' Cousins, Viva Las Vegas. As you can see, that list DOESN't include Jailhouse Rock (which was now announced?), Tickle Me or Elvis On Tour. I got the information from Warner Brothers Finland in March. It is possible that more titles is going to be released.
B_H wrote on May 03, 2007
Uhm....ttwii? The original i hope? Wasn't This is Elvis canceled?
TCBCOLLECTOR wrote on May 03, 2007
Has Warner updated what makes these DVD releases "Special Editions." Are there going to be out-takes, or just some upgraded sound? Is "This Is Elvis" going to be the true extended version, or the crap version still sold in VHS form?
elvis-finland wrote on May 03, 2007
B_H: no, it wasn't cancelled. Only thing cancelled was director's cut of This is Elvis.
JimmyCool wrote on May 04, 2007
Hope it's true, 'cause I've been waiting to see the theatrical version of "This Is Elvis" for so long! And a decent version of "T.T.W.I.I." (I hated the new version)
FLASHBOY wrote on May 04, 2007
The new edition of TTWII is great but i think they cuts too much footages hope to see a new edition of the show where they put the original movie back+ the extras that we have on the new version. The medley of Lttle sister/Get Back is missing and it's really annoying. I prefer watching the original version now even if the sound is mono If E.P.E. Have just a little consideration for us they will fix this.
Steve V wrote on May 04, 2007
I understand liking the original TTWII because it came out at the height of Elvis' comeback in Vegas, and was a great time for us fans, but do you people really prefer that version over the special edition? Yes some music parts were cut out, but so was the embarrasing fans like the 2 women with the cat who loved Elvis, the woman and her mother who looked about as unhip as one could look in 1970. This did nothing for Elvis' image at the time and was ridiculed in many reviews of the film. I was so glad TTWII SE cut all that stuff out and put in much more of Elvis. Did you forget all the great music that was added? When special edition came out, the fans couldnt stop raving about it. How soon we forget.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on May 04, 2007
Steve i do very much agree that the original ttwii was done in such a tacky way and i cant believe adults filmed that and approved it,however when a special edition comes out doesnt it usually include the already released footage plus extras? its not really a special edtion anymore when you cut some of the already released material!
JerryNodak wrote on May 05, 2007
Yes, I prefer the original version. Then, and now. Even with its shortcomings. The SE is a rewriting of history. I don't care for it at all. NEVER watch it.
Steve V wrote on May 05, 2007
Mature - you are correct, The special edition should have contained all the original Elvis footage plus what they added to make it truly special. I would always prefer it over the original however just to miss Tinkerbell the cat and those awful Elvis impersonators at the English convention. Dreadful footage that is. The problem with the original is that half the film doesnt show Elvis! The newer version is all Elvis, the way it should be.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on May 05, 2007
What about them showing food being cooked up close while you hear elvis rehearsing,wasnt that a stroke of genius! didnt they do the same thing in Elvis ON tour,seems like it was a close up of cups being filled with soda! no Elvis footage for me please just more from the wonders of food making!
JimmyCool wrote on May 05, 2007
When I said that I preffer the older version it's not because of the food or people with rotten teeth, I like it because it has so good music that was removed don't know why.. and funny scenes, like the microphones' scene before "Love Me Tender", "I've Lost You", "Sweet Caroline", etc. They should have included "Oh, Happy Day" Why, oh, why wasn't this included? I'll never know... and they put at the end of the DVD the original trailer and we see how much we lost with this "improved" version... I really like that close-up of Elvis boot during "One Night". That's what I miss... don't be silly.
Steve V wrote on May 05, 2007
Why didnt they include Oh Happy Day, One Night and all the great music missing from the original? Have you forgotten? We are Elvis fans. They love to drive us crazy with oversights like this and other shoddiness. Dont be silly! By the way TTWII SE was supposed to include so much more rare footage. We were promised that. Of course, it didnt happen. I wont buy the bootleg copies even though it includes this footage. I keep waiting & hoping for the real deal.
FJE wrote on May 05, 2007
Since the subject seems to be about the two versions of TTWII, I will add my own opinion. Picture & sound quality wise there's no question the SE version wins hands down. But, as I've pointed out countless times before here and on various magazines, music wise it could have been 100 times better and that's why I still insist for a proper Special Edition of this doc. As mentioned by JimmyCool, the "microphones" scene before LMT, Sweet Caroline, I've Lost You, Bridge Over Troubled Water and, for me the biggest ommision of all and I'm surprised no one has mentioned, I Just Can't Help Believing (both the rehearsal and the actual performance) are a few of the segments which should have been included in the SE version. Does anyone realise that Can't Help Believing is the only instance of an actual hit of which filmed footage exists? From the original version I also liked the segment between Polk Salad Annie & Suspicious Minds where Elvis stops to get his breath back and urges the band to "play the hell out of it" while he goes down to the aisle among the audience. I find this segment much more exciting than on the SE version. So please Warner, give us a REAL Special Edition of this documentary on a 2 or 3 Disc DeLuxe Set.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on May 05, 2007
The fact that they cut the original suspicios minds with that great ending is one of many blunders in the special edition,and i agree steve, it does sometimes seem that when it comes to Elvis products you get alot of excuses and a inferior products.i dont hold much hope of another ttwii project,they say the special edition didnt sell very good, so that should make a perfect argument for them,the fact that great unreleased footage from ttwii and elvis on tour sits gathering dust is a real shame,and add to that the fact that the original ttwii dvd is now long out of print,and the lost performances has never made its way to dvd,and elvis on tour still no dvd release either,while endless cheaply made and boring documenteries still pop up at a frantic pase which brings to mind this is elvis(sigh)