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New Releases From The Southern Comfort Label Announced

May 02, 2007 | Music
Several forthcoming releases have been announced by the Southern Comfort label. Their follow-up project to "The American Way" series will be a double-CD set of Elvis's 1975 "The Request Box Shows" to be released near October 2007. With a stylish 16-page booklet and upgraded audio in both stereo and mono from the original master tapes, this should be far superior to any previous release. It will also include brand new material taken from the original Japanese audience recordings.

"High Voltage" a 2-CD set of Elvis's sensational Opening and Closing shows from the Las Vegas January/February 1970 season has also been announced for winter release. Mastered from the original reel-to-reel recordings and including a 16-page booklet this should surpass any previous versions, which have always suffered from poor quality audio.

An upgraded release of Elvis' sensational "Birmingham '76" concert is being planned. "Burning In Birmingham" is often voted as the best concert release of 1976 but the original master tape has been found and the new version promises to blow the roof off the old one! No release date as yet.

Finally volume 4 in the "The American Way" series, subtitled "827 Thomas Street Memphis" is due for release in early June. The "American Way" series apparently sell fast, volumes 1 and 2 of these complete 1969 Memphis sessions are already sold out with volume 3 "Movin' And Groovin" heading the same way.
Source:Elvis Information Network
asd123 wrote on May 02, 2007
WEEEEEEEEEE here we go!! Sounds awesome!!
Scott Walker wrote on May 02, 2007
I couldn't agree more, Mr. Spades! All four releases look essential to me. It will be great to finally have a top quality release of those Jan/Feb 1970 shows. Can't wait for "The American Way 4" either!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on May 02, 2007
I look foward mostly to the opening & closing shows from vegas,this is before he grew tired of the small vegas crowds,(dont blame him)an upgrade in sound on releases like this is needed were as some of the previos upgrades of imports wasnt needed either because the shows were boring or the upgrade wasnt that much of an upgrade,this 2 cd set WILL be on my to get list!
fllaw1 wrote on May 03, 2007
I have been so impressed with the American Way volumes the sound is superior to American Crown Jewels and the CD booklets are top quality with mostly rare photos in them. Get them if you can.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on May 03, 2007
Will the closing show from feb 1970 contain suspicios minds and cant help falling in love?
EspenK wrote on May 03, 2007
Ooooh - Birmingham '76 in good sound? Now *thats* something even I will bother getting :)
Ton Bruins wrote on May 03, 2007
Birmingham '76 in better sound ? Let's wait and see...But when the sound is improved like the Boston 1971 show I will buy it.
Aron wrote on May 03, 2007
Wow, what great news! All releases are on my to get list!
Ciscoking wrote on May 04, 2007
4 releases and just the sound is "new"...seems we are really running out of material...don`t get me wrong..just a side note.
Tony D. wrote on May 08, 2007
Isn't it funny how all our old releases are slowly but surely being made redundant by the sudden discoveries of master tapes??!!