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Elvis Beaten By The Rat Pack

May 02, 2007 | Video
VH1 have named "Viva Las Vegas" in their Top Ten Las Vegas movies, beating both the
"Godfather" parts one and two, "Casino", "Fear" and "Loathing In Las Vegas".

1. Oceans 11 (1960) and Oceans Eleven (2001)
2. Viva Las Vegas
3. Casino
4. Bugsy
5. Leaving Las Vegas
6. The Cooler
7. Diamonds Are Forever
8. The Godfather parts I and II
9. Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas
10. Showgirls

For more details and their synopsis of these movies go to the VH1 site.
Source:VH 1

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MarkE wrote on May 02, 2007
not really bad news, Elvis is still better than the Rat Pack ever was
Jerome wrote on May 03, 2007
Grease must then be number eleven..
CEP wrote on May 03, 2007
Mark E did you ever watch the Rat Pack in concert in Vegas - they were great! Your bland assertion is so boringly typical of so many one eyed Elvis fans that it is becoming quite offensive. The Rat Pack were just as great as Elvis on stage albeit in a different style.
Steve V wrote on May 03, 2007
I agree with this list. Oceans 11 (1960) was the ultimate Vegas movie with Viva a close second. Both showed Las Vegas in its heyday with great location shooting. And yes, the Rat Pack were great. They ruled Vegas for years before Elvis made his comeback.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on May 03, 2007
Cep the thing is this is a Elvis website ,so alot of people might be more Elvis fans than rat pack fans,i like dean and sammy but im not a sinatra fan,doesnt make me anything but someone with likes and dislikes,to me the polls are pointless!
JerryNodak wrote on May 03, 2007
I didn't care for Ocean's 11 (1960) at all. But I enjoyed the 2001 remake a lot. I enjoyed "Viva Las Vegas" back in the day, but have tired of it. As far as movies go, "The Godfather" Parts l & ll beat everything else on the list by a mile.
everett001 wrote on May 04, 2007
Elvis was the greatest; and the Rat Pack were great too. The Godfather movies were made good too; but I dont see why anyone would want to glorify a bunch of cold blooded killers and cut throarts like they did; and make them look like some sort of charismic heros.
Steve V wrote on May 06, 2007
The Godfathers movies were superior to any on this list and many feel the greatest movies ever, but I wouldnt call them Vegas movies. The central theme didnt revolve around Las Vegas. They shouldnt be on the list.
Ruthie wrote on May 07, 2007
Everyone has his/her own favorite movie so it's hard to determine the "best" movie. I don't understand the comparison between Elvis & the Rat Pack. I had the very fun experience of seeing the rat pack in Vegas & their form of entertainment isn't anything similar to an Elvis show - or most any show. Their Vegas show wouldn't fly today because we now live in a world where someone is going to be offended. Although I personally liked them, their form of entertainment isn't for everyone. And that is why I loved the 60 movie but fell asleep during the pathetic attempt in 2001. I've never fallen asleep or been bored during an Elvis performance! Actually, now that I think about it, there is a similarity between the Rat Pack & Elvis - both of them had exciting, fast paced shows that kept you on the edge of your seat. But Elvis wins this one - he did it night after night, for years!
ext_mnx wrote on May 08, 2007
Was really Elvis Beaten By The Rat Pack? Is not true. I had my own poll and was answered by 7 who have not favorites movies. These persons take the decition: to answer the poll and I had a technical tie. Until yesterday 7 day of may for two people, Elvis Presley was winning. Personally Elvis Presley will be the number one and other will have their choice
ext_mnx wrote on May 10, 2007
Until may 09, Elvis Presley won for two people in the poll. Then the VH1 poll is not correct. The persons that vote are free and I am only a witness.