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Barbara Streisand Thinks She Is As Big As Elvis

April 30, 2007 | People
Superstar Barbara Streisand, who once asked Elvis to appear next to her in the movie "A Star Is Born", has defended her decision to charge fans up to £500 ($1000) a ticket to see her perform for the first time in 13 years this summer (June 7, 2007), because she believes she is as big as Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra.

The Woman In Love star will be appearing on stage in the UK as part of her 2007 European tour, and claims the ticket prices are justified because part of the proceeds will go to her charity, the Barbra Streisand Foundation. Her spokesperson says, "Seeing Barbra Streisand in concert is a pretty momentous occasion that ranks up there with seeing Sinatra or Elvis."
Santa Claus wrote on April 30, 2007
Don't let John Travolta hear this. lol.
tonytrout wrote on April 30, 2007
Barbara Striesand as big as Elvis? ROFLMBO!!
Steve V wrote on April 30, 2007
She is a hypocrite and should be ashamed of herself. I was never a fan, but now even less so.
Dixieland Rock wrote on April 30, 2007
I wonder if there will be a Barbara Duck or a Barbara bicycle in the works?
everett001 wrote on May 01, 2007
It gets funnier everyday. What can you say about someone who scalps their fans. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.
Jerome wrote on May 01, 2007
She's as big as Sinatra, Elvis was much taller, about 6' 0"..
Jth wrote on May 01, 2007
The title thread is misleading, as nowhere in the text do I see a comment from Streisand; instead I see an attempt to rationalise an absurd (with a capital a) ticket price from her spokesperson
Loesje wrote on May 01, 2007
Not only is this message misleading, it has nothing to do with Elvis and I do wonder why it is mentioned on this website. What's next? Someone who dreamt about him?
FLASHBOY wrote on May 01, 2007
Wow Everybody want's to be compare With the King these days. Well this Facination tell me just one thing Elvis Presley's got a lot of respect by other artists and Elvis deserve it!Barbara Streisand is sure one of the best female artist in the world so Elvis would'nt mind her quote. 1- Elvis Presley, 2-Barbara Streisand, 3-John Travolta, hehe :P peace
Rev. Gerhard wrote on May 01, 2007
I think it's not so easy to admit for someone that he/she needs desperately a lot of money. That will be the reason. That these words appear just in these days, is pretty interesting, because it's Celine Dion, who has done the fantastic duet with Elvis. And it's Celine too, who is much more successful than the Streisand. Celine sold more than 170 Million CDs. And is the most successful female singer of all times. Sorry Barbara. Don't be jealous. Of course you're not bad too.
old shep wrote on May 01, 2007
I suppose Sinatra, Dean Martin and Streisand do deserve to be ranked along with Elvis in some premier league of their own. And yes I would pay £500 anytime to see any single one of them perform- if it was possible
Martin DJ wrote on May 01, 2007
As for Barbra being as big as Elvis - she was the first singer to perform in the new International Hotel in Las Vegas, in 1969. She couldn't fill the place. Elvis, of course, did.
old shep wrote on May 01, 2007
I saw Barbra Streisand two nights on a run at the old International,the place was full to capacity.
genedin wrote on May 02, 2007
funny how she needs to charge alot for her foundation. elvis never did instead gave from his own pocket and does she know every cent made from merchandise went to charity, not even takinig back the original amount invested. elvis was for the people not just the rich but for all who wanted to see him. thats why he never had millions in a account because he didnt over charge and well he spent alot too,lol. as big as elvis or sinatra,no i dont think so.both elvis and frank broke barriers and styles ,all she did was follow
kev52 wrote on May 02, 2007
another performer with dillousions of grandeur,they will keep coming and making these claims,it won't ever stop i'm afraid,please tell her someone,no you're not !!!
stanton wrote on May 02, 2007
Her nose is bigger, but that`s about it....
Joe Carr wrote on May 02, 2007
Perhaps she needs to charge as much as she does to pay for a nose job. Seriously, another ridiculous claim from another "superstar" this time looking for reasons to rape her fans, price wise. Again, Elvis is still the measuring stick to all that claim to be famous and has been for the last 50 years now. Sorry Babs, go blow your smoke somewhere else.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on May 05, 2007
First of all ive never cared for her if nothing else for the fact i dont care for her music,plus to me shes always seemed to be a snob and this has nothing to do with this news,its nothing new for singers to charge there loyal fans outragous prices for tickets!
daz parky wrote on May 12, 2007
streisand never said she was up there with elvis, her agent said the concert would rank up there with an elvis or sinatra concert. as to justify ticket prices streisand loved elvis and wouldnt be derogatory about him. so let it go ,as for her agent it worked she sold out right away 500 quid or not. some people have more money than sense i guess
fllaw1 wrote on May 13, 2007
WOw..... mature_elvis_fan75 isn't that so true.
Devon wrote on May 22, 2007
Not on her best day will she be close to the King!!!
elvissims wrote on May 22, 2007
daz parky, thank you for actually reading the article. Her spokesperson said it, not her! Plus, just because we think Elvis is the best doesn't mean that others don't think Barbara Streisand (or Frank Sinatra or The Beatles or The Eagles or CCR, etc.) is the best. Let us all be like Elvis and not bad-mouth other artists - at least not in public like this website! Btw, I paid $500 bucks to go see Elvis in Memphis this summer (and he's not even alive). Why isn't EPE letting us in for $15 / ticket like the good old days when Elvis was still alive (by the way, I'm being sarcastic with that last statement).
Nimy wrote on May 22, 2007
For £500 I prefer to buy ELVIS 'rare records for my collection.
snyper wrote on May 26, 2007
The only thing about Barbra thats bigger than Elvis would be her "Monster Schnozz".(and her ego!)
irenet wrote on May 28, 2007
I do not think anybody is as big a performer as Elvis Presley, however I do think Barbra Streisand is one of the biggest female singers of our time. I live in England UK and would really love to see Barbra Striesand perform live but the £500 price ticket on her concerts almost certainly keeps the real fans from attending her shows even if the proceeds does go towards her charity.