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Rock N Roll Reissue

April 25, 2007 | Music
In a limited edition of 300 copies the 1972 album "Rock And Roll" will be released soon. This compilation contains the same tracks as the original release.

1. Blue Suede Shoes 2. I Got A Woman (I Got A Sweetie) 3. I'm Counting On You 4. I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone 5. That's All Right 6. Money Honey 7. Mystery Train 8. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry Over You 9. Trying To Get To You 10. One-Sided Love Affair 11. Lawdy Miss Clawdy 12. Shake Rattle And Roll
Source:Elvis Corner
Jerome wrote on April 25, 2007
I didn't know that 'One sided love affair' was a rock 'n roll number..
Rusty wrote on April 25, 2007
This album is interesting as it contains the original track listing from the British 'Rock and Roll ' album on HMV which to my mind was a much better compilation than the US 'Rock and Roll' album It's a real same that this is a limited edition as most of us won't have the opportunity to buy it, let's hope BMG/Sony learn something from this release and issue it themselves.
Mr Scrapbook wrote on April 25, 2007
Interesting on a couple of points. 1. Original UK album release 1972 ? Really? 2. In that case it should be the 'electronically re-processed stereo' version (yuk) If it is not the 'electronically re-processed stereo' version then it's not the original 1972 UK album release now is it? Thank goodness there will be only 300 of them out there.... I might buy all 300 of them myself to avoid everyone else wasting money, time and effort on this ridiculous (imo) release !
benny scott wrote on April 26, 2007
"One-sided love affair" is an up-tempo song. But what about "I'm counting on you " which is a slow tune !? Still an interesting release if you're a collector of original LP-versions released on CD, but once again: this is a matter of personal taste en choise.
Jerome wrote on April 26, 2007
sorry, that is what I meant: 'I'm counting on you'
Tony C wrote on April 27, 2007
The cover design brings back fond memories for me, it was the first version of the LP I ever owned. The track listing is also the one I got used to, which is possibly stronger than the US version.