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Follow Me To Tennessee

April 27, 2007 | Book
Andrew Hearn from Essential Elvis has just delivered a brand new book for Memphis travelers. In "Follow me to Tennessee", Andrew shows you the footsteps of Elvis, and explains the history of the 123 Elvis Hot Spots in the state of Tennessee on 116 pages. It's not the first book about Elvis in Memphis, but the city has changed so much over the years that an updated book had to be written.
fordy wrote on April 26, 2007
Glad to hear that this has finally been released. Essential Elvis mag is one of the best mags out there and contains regular articles of Elvis related sights, that can still be seen in Memphis. Keep them coming Andrew.
MR61 wrote on April 28, 2007
Good work andrew well done. great mag as well alot better value than some of the so called offical mags.