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Elvis And Celine Dion Duet - Update

April 22, 2007 | Other
Here is a post from a Celine Dion forum on the last American Idol show called "Idol Gives Back" we found on the FECC forum:

First off ... she said it was amazing. Celine sang a song WITH Elvis called "If I Can Dream." Much like her duet with Mr. Sinatra but using an Elvis Impersonator from Vegas for the on-stage person.

Sounds complicated ... I agree, but she said they were going to actually use the REAL Elvis's face and voice, which is why she prerecorded the performance.

The Idols do come on stage through the song doing back-up vocals. They were dressed in all white. Celine wore all black, blazer type top with a shear/mesh type top underneath, hair down and long ... loose curls/flips here and there.

She said Celine was in perfect voice and sweet as could be, even after performing it 5 or 6 times. This will air Wednesday the 25th.

Update April 21, 2007:

Celine Dion will raise the dead on Wednesday (25Apr07) when she performs a duet with ELVIS PRESLEY on American Idol. The odd couple will perform Presley's hit If I Can Dream during the upcoming Idol Gives Back charity benefit. Dion has been rehearsing for her odd live collaboration with a Presley impersonator, according to TMZ.com. The Canadian singer will perform with a virtual Presley on the show. The Idol Gives Back special will help raise money to fight extreme poverty in the US and Africa.

Update April 24 2007 from the EPE site:

Are the rumors about Elvis, Celine and the American Idol finalists true? Well, we officially cannot confirm or deny, but we definitely encourage all Elvis fans to watch this week's "Idol Gives Back" edition of the competition show (Tuesday, April 24) and especially the star-studded 2-hour "Idol Gives Back" results show special (Wednesday, April 25).
Source:For Elvis CD Collectors Forum
My boy, my boy wrote on April 22, 2007
Geez...did we really need this ?...If I can dream is truly a wonderful song performed by Elvis. Please don`t ruin it with the "annoying" voice (to stay polite)of that lady. I`ll make sure to change the channel that night...Whatever !
Colonel wrote on April 22, 2007
Sounds great...er...not !
Jyroflux wrote on April 22, 2007
No please say it isn't so. "Perfectly Awful Voice" is more precise. Who agreed to this? What were they thinking?
JerryNodak wrote on April 23, 2007
And it will still be a truly wonderful song WITH Celine Dion. Sing it, Celine.
FLASHBOY wrote on April 23, 2007
No doubt that if its going to happen she will do a fantastic job on it cause she is a really great singer. Céline Singing with the greatest voice of all time wow cant wait to see that.
JimmyCool wrote on April 23, 2007
What an honor for her and those singer wannabes! ;) P.S.: There's only one American Idol, and it's Elvis Presley!
ta2k wrote on April 23, 2007
This is something that could possibly be a hit as a single ! TCB.
TBG wrote on April 23, 2007
What's wrong w you people? If they'd use an imitator for singing then I would understand. But if they use Elvis' voice, and even the real Elvis, then it's fantastic news. American Idol is one of the most watched tv-shows, and this is great for Elvis and in carrying on his legacy. And u know, even though Elvis is the biggest, there is other people who can sing too, Celine Dion being one of them. U guys are sounding like a gang of old people, sitting on the porch talking down on everyone and everything.. ;-)
FLY-TROUBLE! wrote on April 23, 2007
Oh my God... I hate Seline Dior. She will ruin this fantastic song. Only Elvis could sing it well.
Andreas77 wrote on April 23, 2007
TBG is absolutely right. This is fantastic news. It looks as if many of you don't understand that to a lot of people Elvis only sang Viva Las Vegas and Hound Dog. Consequently they refuse to acknowledge him as a serious singer ("he didn't sing contemporary songs!"). Although things are changing with respect to this, having the real Elvis sing one of his greatest (but also least known, mind you!) songs can change this. We must therefore hope this is true! If they end up using an impersonator, we'll then its goodnight and goodbye to EPE.
Steve V wrote on April 23, 2007
Why this wasnt a number one song in 1968 I'll never know. I guess radio wasnt used to a 'hip' Elvis at that time. One of the all-time top 10 Elvis tunes. Its good to see it get to a mass TV audience Celine or not.
benny scott wrote on April 23, 2007
Céline Dion's voice is not my cup of tea ( that's a matter of personal taste), but she can sing ! By singing I.I.C.D she shows respect for Elvis, and that's why I respect her. Hi guys, let's be a little more tolerant.
Sirbalkan wrote on April 23, 2007
Great news...Well ofcourse Elvis is the original one but Celine is something;accept it guys... She knows how to use her voice very well.
old shep wrote on April 23, 2007
Celine is not my favourite female singers nor is this Elvis song one of my favourites also( I thought the B side Memories to be far better) But if released as a single it could be massive, and that is what we need right now!
Greg Nolan wrote on April 24, 2007
I have mixed feelings about this, but in terms of exposure, it's not necessariliy bad. Will it be good, though? Dion can be capable as a singer but annoying, too. Andreas wrote: "Consequently they refuse to acknowledge him as a serious singer ('he didn't sing contemporary songs!')".... Andreas, who says THAT? They're ignorant if they do. If nothing else, from 1968 or so onward, his music in many ways sounds fits in with today's music, or at least that of the last 30 some odd years. Arguably, his fifties music may sound more dated to modern ears, although that's the fault of the modern listener...
get real wrote on April 24, 2007
this sounds like a perfectly terrible idea.
Deke Rivers 6 wrote on April 24, 2007
This could be interesting, it's a great song,sang by Elvis !
Andreas77 wrote on April 24, 2007
Greg, What I meant was that Elvis in his latter period (68-77) is clearly underrated amongst the public, yet Elvis fans regard it as his best period. Look at Elvinews’ list of songs, the first 15 are all from this period. This major discrepancy shows a major market potential for the music Elvis made in these last years. Yet so far BMG has pushed mostly the 50s in their campaigns, both in terms of music and pictures on covers etc. This is therefor a highly appreciated change.
Brian Quinn wrote on April 24, 2007
Celine and Elvis. Fantastic idea - Fantastic Singers - Fantastic Song. Another wonderful opportunity to keep Elvis in the limelight. Well done Bob Sillerman. I can only hope that such technology will be used with the forthcoming Cirque Du Soleil productions.
Jerome wrote on April 24, 2007
I only hope that Elvis can still be heard in this duet. I'm afraid he'll gets overpowered by the screaming of Celine
Steve V wrote on April 24, 2007
I think Celine is one of the true singers that are out there today. I dont think shes a screamer at all. I would consider Mariah Carey and most of todays R&B singers to oversing & scream their way thru a song, so this duet could have been a lot worsewith somebody else. Like her or not she has a voice and like The King is a very nice person. This should be interesting.
EspenK wrote on April 24, 2007
Oh my god. Celine Dion is probably *the* most annoying of them all - with a horrible "over-the-top" way of singing everything, EVERYTHING she's performed until now. And it doesnt help that she dress like a granny from hell.
Steve B. wrote on April 24, 2007
I can't wait to see it. I'm not a huge fan of Dion's, but this will be some massive tv exposure for Elvis.
Mofoca22 wrote on April 25, 2007
i am so not going to miss this. 2 of the greatest performers in music history 2 generations coming to a younger generation with a great song that can symbolize the troubled world we are in today this is great news. for you people trashing celine dion or anyone not named elvis shame on you elvis wouldve loved celine dion so how dare your critiscize and abuse real elvis fans you are. to be an elvis fan you must like all music because elvis was all music.
get real wrote on April 25, 2007
" for you people trashing celine dion or anyone not named elvis shame on you elvis wouldve loved celine dion so how dare your critiscize and abuse real elvis fans you are. to be an elvis fan you must like all music because elvis was all music." <----- one othe most most ridiculous remarks i have ever read on Elvisnews.
elvislady wrote on April 25, 2007
Fantastic celine will do a great job, she has a big voice.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on April 25, 2007
First of all,how do we know what Elvis would or not like from todays music? and if someone doesnt like this woman, it doesnt mean there stupid ignorant,etc etc,theres plenty of other music to choose from, now if someone said well i only like Elvis, that would be a bit weird,i persoanlly have no problem with her,if i had a problem with this,its just that i dont care for the show,but if this is done with actual Elvis footage and done in a rescpectful way,i dont see anything wrong with it, it sure beats trying to market Elvis by putting him on the front of cany bars with bannanna as part of the candys name no less!
stanton wrote on April 25, 2007
New things have to receive a chance. After it is out and heard by all of us here, we can still give our opinions. But predicting it being an either great or horrible thing to be seems a little bit exagerated to me. Or are you out there all music experts?
Steve V wrote on April 25, 2007
The Lisa Marie duet was a nice novelty but lets face it, she has nowhere near the talent of Celine Dion. This will be the first true duet of Elvis with a contemporary singer and hoepfully could win new fans of Elvis and this song. And June, re-read get real's blog. He was mocking that statement not endorsing it. Mofoca22 made the statement that you agree with not get real.
Dixieland Rock wrote on April 26, 2007
Very nicely done performance. Excellant.
Mofoca22 wrote on April 26, 2007
that was the greatest duet i have ever seen between a dead person and someone alive it was so real. for those who trashed celine dion booo yahhhh she did great and im proud of her and im proud of the true fans of music who actually stood up for her
Mofoca22 wrote on April 26, 2007
let me rephrase "elvis was all music" elvis was all music he did it all he sang it all he blended it all into rock n roll that is what i meant so before anyone trashes me "get real" you need to get real and remeber the words spoken by many performers one of the biggest of all time john lennon: before elvis there was nothing. and other singers have raved if it werent for elvis they wouldnt be able to live there dreams. i am only 27 and i want to say if it werent for elvis music i wouldve done myself in when i was 15 when my grandpa died. it was elvis that kept me going his music and his movies . some need to hit rock bottom or lose someone special to really know how much another means to you. thank you elvis for keeping hope alive you had your demons in life but no one can be looked up to like you have been. this duet tonight reignites hope in all the poor and under privaleged people in this world. if i can dream , if we can all dream of a better land and make that dream come true right now we will all be better off
LoveElvis wrote on April 26, 2007
It was AWESOME! Elvis is a legend and it was awesome to see him on stage as if he were still with us. The only thing that would have made it better is if the duet would have been with Lisa Marie as she did in a concert in Memphis. ELVIS IS THE TRUE AMERICAN IDOL!
FLASHBOY wrote on April 26, 2007
Céline Dion is a star she did an exellent job with IF I CAN DREAM! Elvis would love her i am sure. Elvis to me is the most and the very best artist that ever walked on earth i hope there will be some duets like this again in the future with Star that shine today. Elvis din't left the building at all and never will left! Congratulation Céline we love you!
Steve B. wrote on April 26, 2007
Loved it! Great job with amazing, mass tv exposure.
Andreas77 wrote on April 26, 2007
This was amazing. This goes to show that Elvis is as hot as ever in the music industry.
Steve V wrote on April 26, 2007
Loved it - Great performances, great technology, great mass exposure. A hit for sure. Lets see some chart action now!
EP1970 wrote on April 26, 2007
Saw the show, really well done, great exposure for Elvis. Dion's a good singer and did well with the song but her voice and Elvis' didn't seem to go well when they sang at the same time. When they alternated lines it was good. She was just too loud. there's a better match out there to compliment Elvis' voice. My opinion only. Still, it was fantastic for Elvis to be showcased in front of over 50 million viewers! 30 years after his death! Only Elvis! Good job! I heard Elvis and Dion being talked about on 2 radio stations, in my city (Winnipeg, Canada) while on my way in to work this morning. I was blown away by that. They even played clips from the song. 30 years after his death and he's still in the mainstream media!
Dixieland Rock wrote on April 27, 2007
This is a good opportunity to clarify my support for Elvis remixes. I am in favor of remixes when they are done in this quality and care. There is no question the originals should be preserved and be readily available to the public. But when I encourage remixes, the Celine Dion duet is a great example of what I'm talking about. I'm not in favor of just anyone with a mixing board throwing together a remix. When I talk in favor of remixes, I mean of this caliber. I hope BMG will look at the success of this fantastic duet and do more remixes of this caliber. All I can say is Excellant!!!!
Deke Rivers 6 wrote on April 27, 2007
June got it right really, John Lennon as much as I love him did contradict himself at time's saying before Elvis there was nothing, of course there was, Johnnie Ray for one, Elvis took part of his act from him, and I remember Dickie Valentine back in the 50s sending the ladies wild at the famous London Palladium when he wiggled his hips and he had a great voice too !
Viva wrote on April 28, 2007
Raw, untamed, natural emotion. Unequalled power and PURE GENIUS coupled with a factory produced, whining, tacky, irritating emotionless insult to a truly great song. Impersonators on his front lawn, his face on a duck and now one of the finest examples of his unequalled talent has been relegated to that of a joke by the worlds most irritating vocalist. Awful, simply awful. 10 out of 10 for the video effect though.
ep3577 wrote on April 28, 2007
This was Excellent, should be released! Celine sounded excellent. Well done to who ever was involved with the project 10 plus.
JerryNodak wrote on May 05, 2007
The Elvis/Celine duet was excellent. Really enjoyed it. Everyone that I've spoken with (including non-fans) thought it was awesome. It's amazing what they can do with technology these days.
Viva wrote on May 06, 2007
What I find most amazing is that with all this wonderful and advanced modern technology, they can place Elvis on a stage in 2007 and make it look and sound as if it really did happen, but they still cannot stop Celine Dion sounding like a strangled cat with a blocked up nose.
JerryNodak wrote on May 07, 2007
So Viva, it would be fair to surmise that you don't care for Celine Dion?
Viva wrote on May 07, 2007
JerryNodak: Now, whatever gave you that idea? If they got someone like Bono to do the song I would have wet my undergarments, but as we had to put up with old screecher, the only moisture around was the blood coming from my ears.