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Elvis On Cover Autograph Special

April 16, 2007 | Other
The bimonthly American magazine ‘Autograph Collector’ describes Elvis’s signature on no less than 6 pages. In the April/May edition, collector and fan Roger Epperson takes a look at the time frame 1955 – 1966. The article comes with several great shots and even a series of fake signatures. Part 2 of the Elvis Autopgraphs is scheduled for the June edition.
ellentcb wrote on April 16, 2007
I just talked to someone at this magazine, and part two on Elvis's autograph will be delayed to September due to the illness of the author. You can still get the current issue with Elvis Pt. 1 if you subscribe soon. You can also order it separately. It costs $10 (inc. shipping) to get one single issue and only $30 to subscribe to the whole year. Since I want both issues, it just made sense to subscribe.
ImThCat wrote on April 18, 2007
I may be mistaken, but I believe this is the magazine that proved the "Wayne Newton" letter allegedly found in the trash can of Elvis' Las Vegas suite in 1976 was a hoax. If the next issue is about 1967-1977, then hopefully it will again deal with that letter and then anybody who was actually foolish enough to believe it was authentic will finally learn something.