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Japanese Poll Ranks Elvis Lowly

April 14, 2007 | People
Elvis isn't always the "King Of Polls", we always thought Elvis was very popular in Japan, however a recent poll of "History's Most Influential People" rated him only at #70! Not surprisingly there were a high number of Japanese names in the list, but what was really surprising was that identities such as lead singer of Queen, Freddie Mercury (#52), and Sherlock Holmes writer, Arthur Conan Doyle (#69), were ranked above The King.

Of course, Number One was an obvious choice: Sakamoto Ryoma. You say, "Who?" According to Wikipedia, he “was the leader of the movement to overthrow the Tokugawa bakufu during the Bakumatsu period in Japan. Ryoma used the alias Saitani when he worked against the shogun.”
Source:Elvis Information Network
Viva wrote on April 14, 2007
There's something inherently wrong with Freddie Mercury coming over Elvis in this poll. Thanks for clearing up the great "Sakamoto Ryoma" mystery. Kept me awake at night that.
Jim Berkeley wrote on April 14, 2007
Please, don't take this information so seriously, 'cause it's a result of the poll for TV program "100 of Your Favorite Persons".
Jerome wrote on April 14, 2007
I thought Sushi was at #1.
everett001 wrote on April 14, 2007
Dont worry about it. Polls s-t-i-n-k. wWe know what they are like. Everyone has one. Righ?
old shep wrote on April 15, 2007
All i can say to this is pants! Honda pants that is
JerryNodak wrote on April 16, 2007
Yet another in a long list of worthless polls.
get real wrote on April 16, 2007
Yup, another group of sore loosers. It is pitiful reading the comments here. If Elvis had WON this poll, then everyone would have said how great the poll was and how accurate it is. And it is not at all surprising that Freddie Mercury ranked in the positon he did. I am guessing none of you have ever been to Japan, or know little or nothing about the country or it's culture. And before you ask, yes, i have been to Japan many times. Elvis, congradulations on getting to # 70 in this poll. It is a good position for anyone.
CEP wrote on April 16, 2007
For goodness sake people-why would Elvis be anywhere near the top of a poll in Japan!?Elvis is not nearly as important to the rest of the world as he is in the Western world.Just because Elvis was a huge star in America and Western Europe does n't mean that that applies right across the world.Similarly most Elvis fans would have no idea who the historical megastars are in Brazil or China or France for that matter.The fact that Elvis even registers on a poll in Japan is significant in itself.There is a world outside of the insular Elvis world you know!
PaulFromFrance wrote on April 16, 2007
Funny to see how fans work. When there is a poll in the States, all the names are American. Many personnalities are here and noone outside the States ever heard about them. But, heck, this is the States, so everyone find this normal. Every coutry has its culture, and this is something hard to understand for some people overthere. If the poll were made in the Middle-East, there is good chance that the winner would be Oum Kalsoum and all the others would be totally unknown people FOR US ! But all these singers, regularly, make shows in front of thousands people. Oum Kalsoum coud sing for an oudiance of one million people ! What about Elvis singing for as many people ? Here, in Europe, I bet we would have surprising results... for our American friends. Japan, like us, has its own and strong culture, so I don't see what is surprising in this poll's result. We are to be happy that Elvis is mentionned even at 70. There are 300 millions people living in the U.S.A. and 6 billions outside, with their own culture, their own way of living, their own taste ! So... Yes, many people prefer other singers or other personnalities than Elvis.
Steve V wrote on April 16, 2007
Why is this so surprising to folks? Did Elvis ever tour Japan? NO! Also I hate to say this, but, the ELvis fan base is aging. Do you really think they care about polls anymore? This isnt the 60's. Today's 20-30ish somethings who mostly vote in these polls care a lot more about todays stars than Elvis. For a man who hasnt recorded anything new in 30 yrs, I'd say #70 is an amazing feat.
get real wrote on April 16, 2007
Paul from France and CEP, i couldnt agree more.
Ruthie wrote on April 16, 2007
Although disturbing on the surface, I wouldn't get too upset over this. A poll is just that, only a poll. Every poll will tell you - or should - that they are not accurate & there is always a percentage that can go either way, depending on how biased or unbiased the poll takers are. Are many young Japanese more interested in their current stars than Elvis? Why, of course! Here in the States the same is true because young people want to be able to see & hear their singers, actors, etc. So Elvis is not doing bad at all when you consider he's been dead for 30 yrs & a large percentage of kids don't relate to dead entertainers, dead Presidents, etc. However, take heart that the major downtown Memphis hotels were sold out almost immediately upon announcement of the Elvis week 30th anniversary concert. Most of the earliest reservations were from Europe & Japan booking entire floors at one time! And I do believe the Graceland statement that of the 600,000 visitors a year to Graceland, more than half are 35 & under since I have seen that myself on my last 2 trips to Memphis. I don't think any of us have anything to worry about for a long time. If EPE & Elvis fans would push his music rather than the other hype, or at least make the real effort to introuduce the music to younger generations the world over, his flame will not die out for generations to come.
chicken wrote on April 16, 2007
Hey get real, you don't know anything If Elvis had come top, the people on here would have complained about the other people in the top 10 as not being worthy of being so close to the King
Jim Berkeley wrote on April 17, 2007
Again, I must tell for everyone. This poll shouldn't have been discussed here. Definitely I say so, simply because I'm Japanese and watched the TV program that was an almost comedy show !
PaulFromFrance wrote on April 17, 2007
Jim... I understand what you say, but this poll, even if it's a joke, is a pretext to talk about polls in general. Every time Elvis isn't number one, we heve people complaining about the result. This particularly poll serves as an example for this conversation, nothing more.
get real wrote on April 17, 2007
chicken haha that was great. Your right, what was i thinking! every poll needs to rank Elvis at #1, then the next person in the poll has to be at #11 becasue no one deserves to be within 10 places of elvis. I do love love love elvis, but hey, he only got to #70 in a poll. think of it this way, what if a japanese person had got to # 70 in a poll in the usa. That would be amazing.
ext_mnx wrote on April 17, 2007
I understood your opinions. Then please no votes to Elvis that now is at 72 in Japanese Polls. Please do not vote. No more opinion. That the Elvis fans club must not vote if is your opinion. Please that the pesons wrotte these words that wrote to other Elvis and fans clubs and groups that do not give more votes to Elvis Presley. No more votes to Elvis Presley. Is history and forttegable.
Steve V wrote on April 17, 2007
ext_mnx - What?
ext_mnx wrote on April 18, 2007
Japan culture is very closed. They learn from everywhere but never let to have influence from other country. For example they fight because his religions is present in the world but one never can see the Christianity in the heart of Japan. They are fan of Elvis Presley and they have one ex-premier Elvis Presley fan but in this 30 anniversary they put their line. And the japanprobe site is one example about how works the "others" culture in Japan. Is the tipic site "What a handsome I am" I understand this and I understand too that many fans of Elvis Presly have bizarre feeling towards him they sell Elvis Products but at the same time envy Elvis Presley. And write that Elvis Presley do not be in all poll and is funny japan tv. But Elvis Presly is in the poll because is the point of reference. Is dificult that one person never hear about Elvis Presly in the world. Is the point envy so. For this reason I invite that the persons who wrote the notes and made fun of Elvis to put a site where invite to Elvis Fans Comunity that never vote for Elvis Presley. But too is never to buy Elvis Presly item because is a time trash. Of course they prefer to see Freddy Mercury over Elvis Presley that to recognise this envy. Is my opinion I respect them and as somebody quote "they live in their world" ... I always vote for Elvis Presley.
ext_mnx wrote on April 18, 2007
Excuse me I clear this ..And write that Elvis Presley must not be in all poll and what a funny is the japan tv. But Elvis Presley is in the poll because is the point of reference. Is dificult that one person in the world never hear about Elvis Presly. Is the point envy.
Molly07 wrote on May 01, 2007
Japan?? Sakamoto who?