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Inside Viva Las Vegas

April 09, 2007 | Book
While the full Fan Package of "Inside Double Trouble" has yet to be presented the next release in the Inside series is getting shape. Elvis Unlimited is working on the book "Inside Viva Las Vegas". There's no release date yet, but the producers have done most of the research work already.
Steve V wrote on April 09, 2007
OK! Inside Viva Las Vegas is a book I will get as it is arguably Elvis's best musical in the 60's. He looked great, A-M was gorgeous, great tunes, and great location shots. Yes I will def get this one.
Shakingruud wrote on April 09, 2007
yeah, he looked great, but what about his hair??? never seen it worst than in this picture, it looked like a wig! Anyway, looking forward to this one!
Steve V wrote on April 09, 2007
Yes, the hair- But it looked that way to me in all the movies from Fun In Acapulco to 1968. I though it was especially bad in Spinout & Paradise when he was a tad heavier and the hair looked like it had 3 cans of hair spray in it which u could bounce rocks off. I can deal with the Viva hair better. Always liked the natural look (Follow That Dream) the best.
JimmyCool wrote on April 09, 2007
How about the "Loving You" and "King Creole" hair? WOW! I wish I had that hair xD
Jerome wrote on April 09, 2007
every role needs another hair style. And of course the stylists used several cans of hair spray. A bit sad (shakingruud.. you tend to call people 'sad') to judge this release on a hair style. I bet you've got a great coupe?! When you're an artist/performer, your hair may differ from an ordinary look. If Elvis didn't differ from other, from singing style to wardrobe, from jewelry to hairstyle, you probably wouldn't have this stupid comment
Shakingruud wrote on April 10, 2007
Thanks jerome, to comment on the same post twice( bit pissed about my earlier comments???)...... i don´t care about Elvis´ hairstyle, i only said it looked a bit weird to me. Even Hal Wallis did noticed it back then, cause for his next movie Roustabout, he warned Elvis to take another hairstyle.....But to me Elvis always looked great, and Viva is a pretty good movie too!
Jerome wrote on April 10, 2007
Can't be pissed about such things, that would really be sad ;-)
cathyreno wrote on April 10, 2007
lay off the hair folks lol T C B everyone x
stanton wrote on April 10, 2007
One strand of hair is the difference between the hairstyle in Viva and the hairstyle in Spinout/Paradise Hawaiian Style. Hangin`in the forehead. Wow. Our man still looks better either way than all the rest....:) Viva Las Vegas though is not the movie that `ll have so much interesting scenery behind the spotlight so one would have to write a whole book about it. I guess, each movie will be worked over now with a piece of literature called "behind this..." or "behind that...". If this is what we`re waiting for? I don`t know...