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Elvis Jumpsuits: All Access Website And Book

April 11, 2007 | Book
EPE is working on a special (mini) website and book for the "Elvis Jumpsuits: All Access" exhibition. "Elvis Jumpsuits: All Access" is the largest-ever exhibit of Elvis’s iconic costumes, is now open at Graceland. This special exhibit features 56 of Elvis’s stage outfits from the major concert era of his career (1969-1977), and walks you through the evolution of the design of Elvis's stage-wear of this era. See simple two-piece karate-inspired suits to the famed "jumpsuits" with elaborate rhinestones and matching capes.

The (mini)website: http://www.elvis.com/jumpsuits/

Part of the exhibition is a 36 pages soft cover book.


Elvis Jumpsuits: All Access features stunning photos of many of the suits included in this first-ever exhibit at Graceland. See the evolution of the design of Elvis’s stage wear—from his two-piece karate-inspired suits to the ‘famed’ jumpsuits with elaborate rhinestones and metal studding with matching capes.

This unique book includes remarkable photos and information on each jumpsuit and gives you an up-close look at some of the intricate detailing that went into Elvis’s suits. Many of the pages feature great concert and album cover photos of Elvis wearing these outfits.
Source:EPE - Elvis Presley Enterprises
TCB BABY! wrote on April 12, 2007
Will we be able to buy this book online?
aura wrote on April 24, 2007
I wish I could see such an exhibition, but I'm too far away to afford it...(I'm writing from Portugal). I am an huge ELVIS fan for many, many years, I have all his songs and movies, I have about 20 books about him, but never found a book maily relating to his stage costumes and jumpsuits ! I even belong to 2 portuguese ELVIS fanclubs and they tell me there is not such a book in the market... Why ? Instead of repeating CD's and DVD's, it would be much more interesting to print a book about the subject.