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Cover Art Elvis Presley Collector's Edition Tin

April 10, 2007 | Video
Here is the cover art for the upcoming "Elvis Presley Collector's Edition Tin" containing six movies from 20th Century Fox which is due for release May 14, 2007.
Source:HMV U.K.
elvis-finland wrote on April 10, 2007
I wonder how Fox releases six Elvis' movies even Elvis made only three for the studio? Other's are MGM movies, how come MGM give the chance to release those on DVD?
Mystery Rider wrote on April 10, 2007
money honey thats the answer, money honey if ya wanna own the stuff.
Jerome wrote on April 11, 2007
I don't want anything in a tin or canned, no food or movies
Steve V wrote on April 11, 2007
Dont like tins. Should be for candy only. I bought the Double Feature cds in a tin reel years ago. Very hard to store.
Viva wrote on April 11, 2007
Christ, it must have taken them ages to come up with that little beauty. Who designed it? Gaultier? Enzo? Banksy? Sadly, it looks as if it was the same bloke who designed the previous ten years worth of box sets for 20th Century Fox utilising the full resources of his computer's copy and paste facility. As for the "I don't like tins" brigade: Make the most of it, before long the only Elvis product available in tins will be "Hound Dog" meaty chunks (8 out of 10 owners said their dogs thought it was blatant commercialism). Although I expect they will be available in 33 flavours, starting off with the delicious "Love Meat Tender" all the way through to one that all doggies love "Change Of Rabbit". Woof.