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5000 ... And Counting

April 10, 2007 | Other
Today King Al joined us as the 5000th active member in our on-line ElvisNews member community. We want to thanks all fans who joined us, and Ian in particular, together we can make this site work; for fans by fans. Who said Elvis isn't alive 30 years after his untimely passing?

Normally we do a quiz to give away a prize, but to make King Al feel extra welcome, he gets one for free!

You want to join too? Register free and get the following benefits:
- receive free updates;
- be able to give your opinion on news and articles;
- enter free quizzes;
- enter our "members-only" sections;
- sign petitions;
- vote for your favourite song, DVD, (import or FTD) CD;
- and much more.

Thanks for the support so far, this keeps us going.

mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on April 11, 2007
Congrads Ian and Elvisnews,a great site,keep up the great work!
Elviz The Pelviz wrote on April 11, 2007
Congrats.... Elvis news has been my favourite site for the last six years. Thanks a million for giving us the daily updates. Keep up the good work and may god bless you all
Pedro Nuno wrote on April 11, 2007
You are my Home Page for more than 7 Years! In other words: You are part of my life for more than 7 years! Just keep T.C.B.
marty wrote on April 11, 2007
Congratulations to all the people at ElvisNews for their great work. It's good that the Elvis community keeps strong so many years after he left us. Elvis has stayed in the spotlight all those years just because he was so special and no one could ever replace him. Long live the King...
Jerome wrote on April 11, 2007
congratulations Elvisnews, keep up the good work!
2kisses&3scarfs wrote on April 11, 2007
Congratulations, ElvisNews! Thanks for the great website, and welcome aboard, King Al!
JimmyCool wrote on April 11, 2007
ElvisNews is my homepage too, there's no single day without checking (several times) the news, comments, etc. P.S.: What happened to Tina? xD
Steve V wrote on April 11, 2007
Simply the best out site there. I consider this site and Man & His Music the best of Elvis you can have at your fingertips!
PaulFromFrance wrote on April 11, 2007
I check the site everyday. Congratulations, guys ! (and girls !). And thanks for all the hard work.
Joe Carr wrote on April 12, 2007
This site is awesome, congrats ElvisNews and of course King Al!
Bestoftherest8301 wrote on April 12, 2007
Congratulations. Terrific site, I have checked the site daily for the last 4 years and as a result I have picked up some awsome CD's and DVD's. I love the banter between the members on the various issues. Someone should compose a book on the 'classic' postings to this site by members. I Bet it would sell better than Fikey's new book!. Hey, then maybe a CD and heck maybe a DVD even.. and then the 'outtakes'... you know, when the spelling went wrong.
panda wrote on April 12, 2007
congratulations one of the best elvis sites there is always first with elvis news as long as there are elvis fans out there they will support elvis news elvis forever
bray1977 wrote on April 13, 2007
Congratulations on your continued success as the best Elvis news site on the web. Heres to the next 30 years.
Aron wrote on April 14, 2007
Congratulations! I check your site day by day, it's part of my life. TCB
Miss Clawdy wrote on April 15, 2007
GREAT NEWS! Congratulations from the entire team of "Elvis - Der Club" Germany! This is one of the best Elvis news boards on the www. We encourage our members to read here first. You do a marvelous job and we simply love the range of information you provide. Keep up the good work! TLC 4 Elvis
aura wrote on April 24, 2007
Being an ELVIS fan for more than 45 years, Internet and then your site is the most wonderful thing that ever hapened to me... Go on keeping yours and ours tender loving care...