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Viva Las Vegas 2CD With Unreleased Concert

April 02, 2007 | Music
BMG has decided to release a 2CD set entitled “Viva Las Vegas” featuring the best Elvis' live recordings from Las Vegas on the first disc and a never before released concert from August 1969 on disc 2. The 2CD-set holds 38 tracks. There’s no cover art yet, but this is the tracklisting:

Disc 1:

Viva Las Vegas
See See Rider
The Wonder Of You
Polk Salad Annie
Release Me
Let It Be Me
Proud Mary
I Just Can’t Help Believin’
Walk A Mile In My Shoes
Bridge Over Troubled Water
Patch It Up
I’ve Lost You
You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me
You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling
An American Trilogy
Never Been To Spain
You Gave Me A Mountain
It’s Over
The Impossible dream

Disc 2:

Blue Suede Shoes
I Got A Woman
All Shook Up
Love Me Tender
Jailhouse Rock/Don't Be Cruel
Heartbreak Hotel
Hound Dog
Mystery Train/Tiger Man
Baby What You Want Me To Do
Are You Lonesome Tonight?
Yesterday/Hey Jude
In The Ghetto
Suspicious Minds
What'd I Say
Can't Help Falling In Love
JimmyCool wrote on April 02, 2007
Viva Las Vegas live!? Are you kiddin' me? Probably it's a one-liner or just the same studio song with bad mix we all know by heart. CD-1 is just a way to make us buy a 2-CD set, even if we have all those songs... Still, I'm not impressed, they do the same thing all the time. CD-2 is more interesting, since it has been said that it's an unreleased concert, but there's no surprises on the tracklist, we have Vegas '69 versions of all these songs... Maybe I'll buy it sometime, but I can live without it.
elvissessions wrote on April 02, 2007
Release date, anyone?
You Dont Know Me wrote on April 02, 2007
I think now its April 3rd its time for the silly April fools jokes to STOP NOW!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on April 03, 2007
IF its not official news ,then to me its no news at all, probally as already said a silly april fools joke,i for one would be more than happy to have a new Elvis release in the stores, but i dont see it happening and by new i mean something unreleased!
GEORGE (GK) wrote on April 03, 2007
Most likely the "Viva Las Vegas" listed.. is a band -instrumental .. played before Elvis, walked out, on stage.. I am positive.. Elvis never sang "Viva" in Concert, which is a shame.. (especially in the Vegas concerts).
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on April 03, 2007
Again i think this is just a silly joke,and the fact that viva lasvegas is listed might be a good indication!
Peter@EM wrote on April 03, 2007
Release date is July 30th - It's no April's Fool, really. I am puzzled by the first track too - "Viva Las Vegas". More information will follow soon, I'm sure.
JerryNodak wrote on April 03, 2007
If this release is for real I won't be first in line when it hits store shelves.
Scratch wrote on April 03, 2007
The maximum price for a two CD set will be about $30 Australian so I get a concert from his absolute peak that I have never heard (can't wait) and a CD to give to mum, all for about two thirds the price of an FTD... this is a golden age to be an Elvis fan.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on April 03, 2007
I still wonder does unreleased mean unreleased as we know it or in there terms,they have released stuff before thats been put out on the collectors label and called it unreleased, unreleased means its never been released at all and the collectors label counts in that regard!
Jerome wrote on April 03, 2007
where does this come from all of a sudden. An unreleased concert (without further information)? I'm puzzled..
Andreas77 wrote on April 03, 2007
Elvis in the 70's is clearly underrated amongst the public, yet Elvis fans regard it as his best period. Look at Elvinews’ list of songs, the first 16 are all from his latter period (69-77). This major discrepancy shows a major market potential for the music Elvis made in these last years. Yet so far BMG has pushed mostly the 50s in their campaigns, both in terms of music and pictures on covers etc. Maybe things are changing? I salute this release.
Ronaldv wrote on April 03, 2007
I don't believe in a Viva las Vegas live version. If this exists, we fans had it for years now... It would be a real sensation if cd2 is the opening night show, july 31st 1969. I'm convinced BMG owns this particular show, and it's in the vaults too long now! Release it at last, Elvis fans are getting older, we want to enjoy this show. But a double soundboard cd of opening night 69 and the last Indianapolis show is fine, too.
Mark S. wrote on April 03, 2007
Well, big E did sing excerpts of in on August 6 1969 dinner show (which is basically just the word “VIVA”) and the dinner show of August 14 1969… But I doubt Sony/BMG will release that!
Eann wrote on April 03, 2007
Could it be, that the Viva Las Vegas track might potentially be a remix? If so BMG could release it before the album comes out. It is a classic track and it's one that is quite reasonably fresh in most peoples minds as (here in the UK anyway) it was a top 10 hit for ZZ Top. Or could the whole thing just be a hoax!
Theo wrote on April 03, 2007
I welcome the release of yet another unreleased august '69 concert, and I'll probably buy this set a while after it's released, but why does Sony/BMG always include so much previously released stuff? On the Live In Las Vegas box set they also included a disc with previously released material, most of which seems to be rehashed on disc 1 of this set. I am intrigued by the first track, though. Will it be a live song? Or a remix? We'll just have to wait and see...
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on April 03, 2007
They will tell you its because everyone doesnt have the material of the already released material in reality its a way to get a few more bucks from the die hard fans! This release to me is a strange one,On tour is longggg overdue and no box set at all is a bit strange!
Steve V wrote on April 03, 2007
You see folks what I mean? Here we have a 2 cd set that could have been the next FTD release for twice as much money. My point? No need to have the classic album series on FTD. Release them to the public at normal prices as a 2cd set with outtakes. We need them nore than we need this type of release. Enough with the live shows already.
You Dont Know Me wrote on April 03, 2007
Presumably? disc 2 is the 21.8.69 D/S (with 'words' performance edited out?) pity they couldn't have brought the 13.8.70 D/S as the disc 1 which REALLY would have made an unbelievably great package!!!
Mofoca22 wrote on April 04, 2007
i cant wait till this comes out. viva las vegas is deffinitely a rehearsel version of it from 1969. he did rehearse it and was gonna do it in the shows but he was having too much fun and never really incorparated it into the show the same with loving you. he performed bits of it from time to time and if i can dream in a concert in 1971. i wish to hell they would release that one. one of his concerts in 1971 where he performed if i can dream he was great they say i think it was aperformance in arizona not sure which city though.
dannyboy1 wrote on April 04, 2007
People, people, it doesn't say anywhere that "Viva Las Vegas" is a live version or a previously-unreleased rehearsal or anything like that. You're getting your hopes much too high. It is obviously just the familiar movie version being used to set the theme for the CD. The absolute best we can possibly hope for is that it could be the Joseph Pirzada remix (which does actually end with audience applause and a "Thank you very much"). But most likely, though, it just the familiar recording.
Ronaldv wrote on April 04, 2007
Mofoca22, if I can dream has been only released as an excerpt of an instrumental intermezzo live at Lake Tahoe august 1st 1971. It's on the cd, A thunder in the night, the only released concert from this season july/august 71. I hope a complete version comes to daylight, but I assume in 2027..
Mystery Rider wrote on April 04, 2007
over and over and over again, the songs are just the same. if you have one of these performances, you have em' all nothing really changes except BMG bank accout which goes UP, as yours goes down.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on April 04, 2007
Well im not saying im a big fans of sony or anything but they can only release what Elvis recorded,anyone who does as many shows as he did isnt gonna change there song lineup everynight, not saying that it couldnt have been changed more often than it was,buti dont know what they could release that would make you change your oppion,as for this release maybe it was as said earlier just a joke!
peacock wrote on April 05, 2007
Ernst has done more for us fans than any other, with fantastic releases both on the motherlabel and FTD. But now with the VIVA LAS VEGAS CD i just feel...don't he ever get tired on the 1969/1970-shows. Don't get me wrong i really like Elvis live from 70-77 but it feels like a bit too much to get another 69-show, i would love a good one from the summer of-73.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on April 05, 2007
Well for me id probally prefer a aug 70 show over a 69 one,but id really like a soundboard from july 75,i am not the biggest fan of vegas concerts,although i do like the aug 70 ones,the vegas shows to me alot of time sound boring,i prefer the shows from coliseums!
Steve V wrote on April 05, 2007
Never thought I'd say this, but I am tired of the 69 shows. Unless it's the very first one from July 31st, I'm no longer interested. They are basically interchangeable. The same monolog (which I dont find amusing anymore), the same medleys, etc. Yes the performances are good, but we have many to choose from now. Feb 1970 is the better choice.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on April 05, 2007
I agree,do they have the opening show from 69? and somehow i forgot about feb vegas,that or aug is more intersting to me now then the already mentioned aug 69 shows!
JerryNodak wrote on April 06, 2007
Steve V: I agree. If you've heard one from '69 you've heard 'em all. As you say they're interchangeable. The shows are so well rehearsed they're almost "boring." I'll not be buying this release.
Iron Man wrote on April 17, 2007
As for me - give me all them on one box set and I will listen them to my death. They are better than any post 71 concert, they are better than most of the 1970 stuff. I love this concerts!