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Trying To Keep Up With The Budget Releases

April 07, 2007 | Music
Trying to keep up with the European budget releases, here are the covers of six new titles: "Love Me Tender", "Heartbreak Hotel", "The King Of Rock And Roll", "Hound Dog", That's ll Right Mama" and "Blue Suede Shoes".
Source:Elvis Corner
Dixieland Rock wrote on April 07, 2007
I think Elvis has earned the title of "The King of Compilations".
Mystery Rider wrote on April 07, 2007
you buy what you want when you want it, or you dont buy it at all, everybodys entitled to make a buck or euro or whatever and presley fans are true targets for those who want to make money.
Greg Nolan wrote on April 08, 2007
Who are the morons who buy this crap? I would hope it's not real fans, not even so-called "collector fans" who'll buy "Ultimate Gospel" because of some track changes. These don't deserve any attention...and no, they don't count, collectors!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on April 08, 2007
WhAT ever man, im all over these releases,i gotta order them now,cant miss these,we dont have many compilations too choose from! hehe Greg on a personal note to you, sorry to hear of your loss,although we dont always agree on everything,your a felllow fan and decent guy, take care!
JimmyCool wrote on April 08, 2007
At least some people (casual buyer) will buy that stuff, because of the covers... some of them are pretty appealing, and you gotta accept that some tracklists are gonna be very good, with a lot of Elvis '56-'57... So, I think in some cases, they'll contribute with they lower prices to increase the number of Elvis fans, specially from younger generations... younger than me, that are starting to hear about Elvis on TV and radio because of the 30th anniversary and all that... I always read what you wrote, and you all say that you started collecting Elvis LPs when you were kids, but you can only afford those CAMDEN relases, because they were cheaper... It's a little bit the same thing here (only "illegal" this time). So, don't be so harsh on these releases, no-one is pointing a gun on y'all to buy them... at least not in my case... Happy Holidays ;)
Jerome wrote on April 08, 2007
I think a lot of people are just tired of seeing these flying by. Here at Elvisnews we get to seem them all, which is good, but little spectacular
Mr Scrapbook wrote on April 08, 2007
I'm not for these compilations either but JimmyColl one thing you state is incorrect. I wish our friends (fans) in other countries could get it into their heads that in EUROPE these releases ARE NOT ILLEGAL. They are bona fide LEGAL.
JimmyCool wrote on April 08, 2007
Oh, yeah, I know that copyright thing... but I also meant releases of songs recorded after 1957... (That's why I put "illegal" instead of just illegal)
JerryNodak wrote on April 08, 2007
Mr Scrapbook: I can't speak for fans in all other countries, but I'm in the U.S. and am well aware of the expiration of the European copyright law. Hence, these releases are legal. These PD releases will continue to proliferate.
JimmyCool wrote on April 09, 2007
I would like to add that I think that the "Hound Dog" cover is very cool, I like it a lot... I will consider it when I made my home-made CDRs compilations :P
Jerome wrote on April 09, 2007
a cover can also COVER and distract from the content
elvissessions wrote on April 10, 2007
I honestly think the good folks running this site are wearing themselves out to no purpose covering these no-name cheapie compilations. It'd be fine with me if they ceased coverage of them. When anybody can press anything anytime and anyway they choose, there's just not much point in trying to keep up with every variant. Perhaps an annual wrap-up of the most attractive, best-selling, whatever, but I honestly don't need or want a day-by-day roll call of these ripoff releases. I say this not as a complaint but as a sincere suggestion. I don't think ElvisNews needs to fritter away its energy on this stuff.
PaulFromFrance wrote on April 10, 2007
Ok... the censors are everywhere. I, for me, am interested in knowing what new CDs are released, whatever they are "imports", European compilations, or even BMG releases. Does my opinion counts ? I was againts the banning of impersonators news, because I thought it was fun to disagree with morons who like them. And now, some of you want to ban news about these compilations because they are not issued by BMG? I have another suggestion: what about banning the entire "ElvisNews" web site ?
elvissessions wrote on April 10, 2007
What's the point of it? We're averaging dozens of releases a month, and we've gotten to the point we're not even listing what tracks are on the discs. Why bother? Waste of time.
PaulFromFrance wrote on April 10, 2007
I repeat I'm interested in knowing what's going on in the Elvis world. And a new CD is something happening in the Elvis world. Even if they issue 50 CDs a month, I want to know it. It doesn't mean I'll buy them all, but I want to be informed. That's the point!Compilations has always existed: in the seventies, there were many, mainly in the U.K. And some Camden releases were just that: compilations (sometimes with a few unreleased tracks). We generally bought them because of the wonderful covers. The only difference is that they were released by RCA/BMG, that's all.