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Tiger Man - An Alternate Anthology 7

April 07, 2007 | Music
Announced in the booklet of the sixth volume of the Shake Records import series Tiger Man - An Alternate Anthology" is volume 7. No other details are available yet, but like all previous volumes it will probably contain material taken from both previously released official and import released.
Tony D. wrote on April 07, 2007
Will this once again contain previously available tracks compiled in a hotch-potch manner and being of no value to the collector?!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on April 07, 2007
You betcha!
Jerome wrote on April 09, 2007
Great to know there's another one coming up. I bet they'll continue to volume number 70
Lex wrote on April 10, 2007
Thanks for the warning! Something to stay far, far away from...