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Let There Be Elvis

April 05, 2007 | Music
Released ahead of schedule is the new remix single "Let There Be Elvis" which was originally due for release on April 16, 2007. The single is not released on the Sony/BMG label and is a dance track which uses the speaking voice of Elvis.

You can listen to it at: http://elvisinternational.net/_wsn/page2.html
Source:Essential Elvis
ext_mnx wrote on April 06, 2007
I can not wait for "Let There Be Elvis". I wait for the day. And I have hope for a proof :)
Mark S. wrote on April 06, 2007
Wonder if it has anything to do with AC/DC's "Let There Be Rock"...
Jerome wrote on April 06, 2007
not my thing, wonder if Elvis would agree
Brian Quinn wrote on April 06, 2007
Obviously this one is strictly for the fans. It is not an official Sony BMG release and has no chance of entering the UK Charts with only 1000 copies being produced.
tcb1 wrote on April 06, 2007
just listened to this so called single and I must say I have never listened to such a load of crap in my life, now at least we know why Sony/BMG have nothing to do with this home made pile of S.H.-.T it’s also said to be a dance track, how can you dance to an interview? Oh well sure some one will like it.. but I’m not one of them. I don’t mind re-mixing if it’s done well. But this is a long and lonely way from being done well. Marks out of 10 for effort. 0.5 out of 10
ext_mnx wrote on April 06, 2007
I heard it. Is very nice to pass the tiem. when you read. Or for to exersice. Is an interesting sound. I would like to have it ( meanwhile I worked and I pass the time and I listed again and again). But where I live is impossible to have a contact for to buy it. I know where to buy mwanwhile I do not cry about it and I enjoy the single by mp3. from 0 to 10 it´s 7 and 10 because was an effot that Sony/BMG do not want. Another year in the trash for them again.
Elvis Now Magazine wrote on April 07, 2007
As far as 'Elvis Now' Magazine goes, we are in favour of remixes but only if they are good. The originals are there, so we need the kids of today to catch on to our man from a good remixed Elvis tune, and then investigate his music further. That's how we keep him going. As for this track; it's not insulting to our man but it would be great if it was followed up by an EPE/Sony partnership remix to start another mini mania for Elvis again.
Paul Reno wrote on April 07, 2007
Interesting? Yeah, for about 10 seconds. The jungle drumming is terrible and Elvis repeating the same words over and over - well, I can't even see this one selling the 1000 they have pressed. Apart from a bit of 'Let Me' I can't see any point in hearing this more than once. I for one will give at a miss.
Michael Comley wrote on April 07, 2007
Hi Everyone, I think this may well be my first post on here. Anyway onto this "Remix" - I have to say that I really cant make my mind up about it. "DIFFERENT" is how I described it on ElvisInternational.com, ALLC it is not I admit, but it has something, I just have not worked out what yet - lol