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FTD Top 40 March 2007

April 01, 2007 | Music
The Top 5 did not change, once again. In the lower regions of the list "Unchained Melody" is rocketing towards the Top 40 (AFD).

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1 (1) The Jungle Room Sessions (2000)
2 (2) Nashville Marathon (2002)
3 (3) Memphis Sessions (2001)
4 (4) One Night In Vegas (2000)
5 (5) Elvis At The International (2002)
Source:FTD Top 40

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Jerome wrote on April 01, 2007
Does it ever change?
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on April 01, 2007
The fact is people want sessions outtakes and some of the best concerts he gave,as for the session outtakes, wished they would put them on regular quartley releases and not the classic series,and in some cases maybe a 2 disc set!
JerryNodak wrote on April 01, 2007
Yes, I like session outtakes. But I also enjoy the Classic Album Series. FTD, like most of Elvis' albums, is "Something For Everybody." Keep up the good work, FTD team. I don't pay any attention to charts. Any charts.
Anton wrote on April 02, 2007
C'mon folks ! Do NOT be happy with those: let's demand the Pot Luck, the For the Asking, PromLand, GMan,BLove session outtakes and then on to the rest we have waited for far too long !!! Please BMG, take note. Jerome, Jerry, Lex, CCRider, Imthecat, and all mature fans will agree with us...we don't pay attn to the charts....ridiculous...
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on April 02, 2007
All mature fans? I wont them to stop the classic series and put out outtake cd's maybe 2 disc set,but it aint gonna happen,people like buying what they already have,my other idea would be start giving us booklets with the regular quartley releases,since they already do with the classic series,again it wont happen, glad to have the ftd label but improvments are what make great things evern greater! Nshville 71 and Elvis on tour concerts please! ( i asked nicely)
Jerome wrote on April 02, 2007
dear people, somehow I feel we don't have any influence on FTD's plans. Think we just gotta expect things, be happy with what we get although we sometimes wish for other things..