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18 Singles And A Singles Box Set

April 02, 2007 | Music
Following the same plan as the “Elvis 18 UK #1s” campaign from 2005, which resulted in sales of over 750,000 units, Sony/BMG will release a new set of 18 singles, this time classic singles which were not part of the first campaign.

The campaign will run from August to December, followed by a complete box set also released in December. The 18 singles will be released over a period of 17 weeks, on CD, 10 vinyl, and digital download, with a collector’s edition numbered box at the beginning of the campaign, and a complete box (not numbered and slimmed down) in December 2007.
Cruiser621 wrote on April 02, 2007
More garbage. When does it end? Now we constantly repackage the re-package. I think the life blood is completely gone and he's been dead for 30 years. Think the vaults have been pillaged to the hilt. There's absolutely no reason for these hodge podge compliations except the greed of the green; at least here in the states, folks.
Lex wrote on April 03, 2007
Fans always complain Elvis doesn't get enough attention. Now it is complaining about re-re-releasing stuff. Where does the complaining end? Since the guy is dead it IS the only way to give him attention, re-re-releasing the same old stuff. Obviously it works, since a recordcompany wouldn't take the effort if they don't make profits with it... At least the original stuff is better than impostors or remixes :-).
Jerome wrote on April 03, 2007
I wonder who would collect these things. Sony/BMG sure is busy with Elvis compilations. At least they try..
Brian Quinn wrote on April 03, 2007
Fantastic news. This could result in Elvis getting several more No.1's in the UK apart from increasing his total single sales. Hopefully this time around there will not be a charity single to dominate top spot on the single charts e.g. 'Is This The Way To Amarillo'. Well done Sony BMG.
Brian Quinn wrote on April 03, 2007
Having made my comments below, it now appears that these releases from Sony BMG are specifically limited to Australia. We will have to wait confirmation of releases for the U.S.A., the UK and the rest of the world.
Tupelo3577 wrote on April 03, 2007
Sounds good to me. Hope they do release in the UK. I can't see any reason why and Lets keep Elvis ahead in the Pop stakes.
Tiger-man-GB wrote on April 04, 2007
If they do run this box Here in Britain, I hope that this time they get the disribution sorted out, & that the people who are trying to buy the discs don't face the same disapiontments that occured with the Numberones box in 2005, it was totally unnessesary & just caused anger for the people who were trying to buy the product, turning up & finding that only one or two copies had been put on the shelves & had by the time they got there been sold, or being told that the copies you see on the counter are reserved & not for sale is very off putting to say the least, better didtribution will be needed.
Rusty wrote on April 05, 2007
Does this mean standing outside HMV every monday morning again. I can't face it again. no way, it was too stressful. most of the discs are bought by none fans and end up on ebay for silly prices. you can now buy the last numbered full box sets on ebay for less than buying the single discs every week. I'm buying my box from ebay after the campaign. I am surprised Sony/BMG are doing this again, it was stressful for them and the retailers and the fans. WHY AGAIN ?????