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Huntsville 1975 Shows

March 28, 2007 | Music
The next release from Madison will be the May 31, 1975 afternoon show recorded from the soundboard in Huntsville, Alabama. Some performances from this show were previously released, but for the first time the show will be available unedited.

The same label is also planning to release the afternoon show from the same city recorded from the soundboard on June 1, 1975. The latter was definitely one of the rare show from this tour where they started to record over one minute before the start of ''I Got A Woman / Amen'', and therefore one of the longest recorded performance from this tour.

Several other projects are also being planned, but no further details are available yet.
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B_H wrote on March 28, 2007
Isn't this the same show just released on Across the country vol2??? Or am i wrong here?
You Dont Know Me wrote on March 28, 2007
I'm very, VERY pleased and excited to hear this news-especially of a near complete show from June 1st 1975- bring them on-these will be fantastic releases!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on March 28, 2007
Elvis was very awake during the show featured on rock legends sold out in dixie,which is from june 2 nd(evening show)if im not mistaken,i am also very glad to have this coming out as well as the already planned june 1st show from madison! i myself love the shows from this tour,as far as i know and understand there not many july 75 shows out there from soundboard? i know bmg is suppose to have the cleveland one!
Ciscoking wrote on March 29, 2007
These Huntsville shows belong to the best Elvis ever gave. Bring em on..
Ronaldv wrote on March 29, 2007
The madison release Movin' Mobile contains the afternoon concert from June 2nd. I looked it up in the concert years, but Elvis did not perform in Cleveland in June 75, it was july 10 and 18th 1975. I hope one of these shows are in the BMG vaults. But I don't think so, there is no soundboard released of this tour so far. The only show that's missing is the Huntsville, Alabama show of May 30th 1975, 8.30 PM. Is this show going to see the daylight? A couple of months ago it was announced by Madison or Fort Baxter.....So let's wait, it's nice to have it all complete.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on March 29, 2007
Yes thats right,i was thinking it was sold out in dixie, because i remember elvis saying something about how the kids were there and how did they get out of school or something,anyways i look forward to this release,great concert and will have once again great artwork like a certain label we all know should have!
ImThCat wrote on March 29, 2007
They did all seem to be pretty good shows, and he certainly looked better than he would for most of the rest of his career...