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Elvis’ Rescued Army Uniform On Display

March 27, 2007 | Other
Elvis’ army uniform will be back on display at the Hard Rock Biloxi when it re-opens on July 7 2007. The casino barge was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina and Elvis’ army uniform was found floating on a mannequin in the Mississippi Sound. When the casino re-opens, Elvis’ suit, along with other memorabilia such as guitars belonging to B B King, Kiss and Johnny Cash, will be back on display along with a special tribute to James Brown.


Graceland claims to have two army uniforms, while a collector in Brussels says that he has “the one and only” army outfit of Elvis. To top things off, even the Pink Palace Museum in Memphis puts “the original” Elvis army uniform on display this summer
Source:Elvis UK On-line
Mystery Rider wrote on March 29, 2007
standard army issue of that time was 2 pair of boots 1 pair of dress shoes 2 sets of fatigues 1 fatigue hat, 2 pair of dress greens 2 cut caps dress 1 dress hat 5 pair of whie boxer under shorts and tops 5 green work socks 2 pair of dress black socks 2 pair of kaki pants 2 long sleeve kaki shirts 2 short sleeve kaki shirts..1 belt 1 buckle i overcoat anything elsew you had to buy, so there could be all types of elvis army costumes out there including the one he bought that he wore on the sinatri timex special show the military dress blues, along with the dress summer suit he wore on the cover of a date with elvis. And any one could have the black and white tags for the fatigues made for the time period. and of course last but not least the duffel bag to put all your stuff in. and yes it all did fit very well and if i left out anything i'm sorry..
Mystery Rider wrote on March 30, 2007
left out, 1 tie and 2 towels
Mystery Rider wrote on March 31, 2007
So as u can see by this there is no original army uniform, there are many and as i said everyone had spares they bought on there own. the only marked items was the duffel bag for which there would be only one. so if anything is rare it is Elvis' duffel bag. whci he does not show when he is comming home. the last time you see it in photo's is getting off the USS Randall
Mystery Rider wrote on March 31, 2007
anybody alive out there who did the time during these cold war times?? s