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Song Allegedly Co-written By Elvis Relisted On eBay

March 19, 2007 | Other
Although recently sold on eBay, the song "Just Like Rolling Up Hill", allegedly co-written by Elvis and Paul Terry King has been relisted. Apparently the original buyer failed to comply with the auction terms.
Source:Elvis Information Network
JimmyCool wrote on March 19, 2007
I think he realized how stupid he would be if he have -literally- bought that sh*t!
Jerome wrote on March 19, 2007
I heard the same, I can imagien Elvis jamming on the song, regarding the style of the song but it isn't a song that's worth much in the present industry. And the guy, I can't recall his name, that has recorded it (why would he wait all these years that's impossible to understand) doesn't make the song more worthwile because his vocalizing is sh*t
Anton wrote on March 20, 2007
Jimmy and Jerome are right: don't give us that sh*tttt please. We all know that almost everyone who was around EP at the time, nowadays want to make a buck out of their memories or made up stories. This Forum should try to outsmart those and really try to insist upon BMG DK and NY and also Todd and JackS to come up with innovative good quality marketing products that 250 to 450,000 die hard fans still want to buy. It is not going to happen with budget releases or re-re-releases of the same hits. EP fans should start realizing the marketing power they have to "kindly demand" BMG to release the right stuff. We hate to repeat ourselves all the time but it is a fact that more and more elvis fans (the ones that write to this Forum) are getting disgusted with some of the nonsense we read and hear and con buy (while there are so many important and very interesting releases that could be brought out).
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on March 24, 2007
Thats ebay for you!
tk10 wrote on July 20, 2007
paul terry king wrote fear not the lack of travelers on the path of truth ... it will be as it always has been a great song someday