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Elvis Movie Guitar Up For Auction

March 24, 2007 | Other
For the third time in a short period, a guitar that once was played by Elvis, is up for auction. This instrument can be seen as the most reliable of the latest offers. Auction gallery Heritage from Dallas is putting up a 'Entertainment' auction with numerous celebrity items. There will be a whole range of Elvis items with the guitar as the masterpiece.

Presley used this guitar in 1962 for the movies 'Follow That Dream' and 'Kid Galahad'. After the shooting of 'Kid Galahad', he donated the guitar to prop master Ralph Agone who treasured the item for the rest of his life.

After Ralph passed away, the guitar was donated to his son, who was also a big Elvis fan. Agone Jr's life ende prematurely and his widow decided to donate the instrument to the 'Warner Bros Movie Museum'. Because if this important auction and also for the 30-years after, the widow wanted to make the guitar 'available for the Elvis fans'. Estimated price is starting at $40.000
Jth wrote on March 24, 2007
"the widow wanted to make the guitar 'available for the Elvis fans" that's about the funniest thing I've heard - how about donating it to Graceland then, with the requirement that it would be on display
Jerome wrote on March 24, 2007
This way it ends up in someone's living room or hall way. Yes a true availability for the fans..
Ronald wrote on March 24, 2007
This should be stored in Graceland, no where else. Donate it, Elvis didn't ask money for it , it was a gift.
Natha wrote on March 24, 2007
Greed all the way, sharing no way