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The Private Tapes Volumes 2 And 3

March 14, 2007 | Video
Here are two new volumes in the "The Private Tapes" import DVD series. These two new volumes are on the NTSC system and region free.

The Private Tapes vol.2 features footage from the December 31, 1976 New Year's Eve concert and July 18, 1975 in Cleveland, OH. The running time of volume 2 is 1h 29 min.

The Private Tapes vol.3 contains footage from May 1, 1977 in Chicago, IL, June 18, 1977 in Kansas City, MO, June 24, 1977 in Madison, WI, December 30, 1976 in Atlanta, GA. There's also a bonus program titled '' Tribute To Elvis ''. The total running time of volume 3 is the same as volume 2.
Source:For CD Collectors Only
Ciscoking wrote on March 14, 2007
A quick look tells me...nothing new..
Shakingruud wrote on March 14, 2007
curtrsim wrote on March 15, 2007
maybe nothing new to you guys but for others havn't had these or seen these. i am for one won't adding these into my collection but i am still hopeing for the on tour and thats the way it is dvd sets.
Anton wrote on March 15, 2007
Great, as many of you have said, for those who have not seen it before. However, as Curt and Mature EP fans say: we want those 12 Concerts of EonTour1972 on DVD! Now then they will cater to EP fans who are the real buyers of Eproduct. No budget camden re-re-re-releases anymore please...you knock them to death with stuff that ain't gonna sell more than 5,000 copies worldwide....whereas there are about 450,000 copies to be sold of a CD Box with DVD of the EonTour and also the TTWII CDBox plus DVD of the filmed Vegas shows only (cutting and editing out the crap). P-l-e-a-s-e, is anyone listening out there at Graceland and in Denmark at BMG and also on Madison Ave NY NY (strategic EP product mgmt...we truly wonder after seeing such big marketing mistakes.
Jerome wrote on March 15, 2007
Please keep these tapes Private and enjoy them. don't come up with footage of Elvis of a quality that makes it hard to distinguish Elvis from Charlie Hodge!
stanton wrote on March 15, 2007
What`s private about a concert???
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on March 16, 2007
Good question stanton,i guess it was private untill the owner decided wow i can make a fortune from these videos,so private must means tha tapes are privately owned,but now probally for a small fortune you now can own them!
Jerome wrote on March 16, 2007
Is Private Ryan on the tape?
Devon wrote on April 04, 2007
I was at the newyears eve show in Michigan,(i live there) and dont need to buy it. Junk as far as i see it!!!