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Remixes For The 30th Anniversary?

March 17, 2007 | Music
According to the Elvis Express plans are still going ahead for an Elvis Remix album from Sony/BMG due for release around the 30th Anniversary of Elvis' death.

In the latest edition of the Official UK Elvis Presley fan club magazine Todd Slaughter mentioned a new remix single which is due for release on April 16, 2007. The single, entitled 'Let There Be Elvis' is not on the Sony/BMG label and according to our source, it is a dance track which uses the speaking voice of Elvis. The release is limited to 1000 numbered copies.
Source:The Elvis Express
GEORGE (GK) wrote on March 17, 2007
Alot, of us, fans, want a "remix" album and single.. (similiar to "A Little less conversation" & "Rubberneckin") Lets hope RCA-BMG-SONY.. gives, us, that! It would be great to hear Elvis on "pop Radio".. and not just an "oldies station'!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on March 17, 2007
I have no interest in a remix album, if i wanted to hear top 40 then id listen to it,if this is all they release this year,then its rather pathetic,how about a box set and how about Elvis On Tour?
Jerome wrote on March 17, 2007
remixing is just another word for customizing...
Iron Man wrote on March 17, 2007
This is absolutely ridiculous ! Imagine for instance a Salvador Dali painting changed in order to fulfil the contemporary tastes in painting! Elvis has his own place in the music history and has to be taken for what he has done in order to make it better! He has put so much effort in his studio material, to achieve a certain sound and now it is going to be ruined once again! This unfair to one of the best musicians of the 20-th century!
JerryNodak wrote on March 17, 2007
A remix single and album. Yipee!! Not!
Eriksen wrote on March 17, 2007
I hope this album will be produced in the true spirit of Elvis. Then it will be a great album. So far i like the remixes of ALLC and Rubbern. I hope there will be one person produceing it and a set of musicians doing the album. If the TCB band could be some of the musicians, it would have been great. Hopefully this album, and the single, if promoted with a video, could put Elvis back at the top of the charts.
PaulFromFrance wrote on March 17, 2007
It's like colorize black and white movies to make them more appealing for the idiots. It's an insult to the artist.
garnet wrote on March 17, 2007
I understand that you want Elvis to stay true to his original form. He is truly the greatest, ....BUT have you listened to ALLC and Rubberneckin remixes. They really are fantastic!! I have sirius radio and I never wander off the Elvis channel so I hear it all. Open your minds and give it a chance.
elvisfreak wrote on March 18, 2007
I really cannot believe all of you...making a remix of an Elvis song does not insult the artist or colorize an already good product. It gives the artist longevity among generations and is actually the highest of compliments when another artist takes the interest in helping the legacy of Elvis. If you want new generations of fans (and you all should because without them Elvis goes nowhere in the future) you have to appeal to a Top 40 audience - and you don't think Elvis wouldn't mind having another number one hit?? I'd love to see him edge the Beatles with another one and once again, prove his outstanding legacy by achieving more number one hits even 30 years after his death, 40, 50 even. Only a handful of artists (maybe not even that many) can have that kind of success after death. Why - because we all love him and have carried that tradition on - but what about after us?? Every day there are people on these message boards putting down FTD releases and other bootlegs, SONY projects etc that release material WE ALREADY HAVE when in all reality, there isn’t much left in the pot but outtakes and creative thinking like remixes. Didn't any of you enjoy ALLC remix? It went to number one and that’s some great publicity and a great accomplishment for our man. I look forward to anything anyone can put together because classic or not, ALL of Elvis' music was classic and it’s a testament to the music and the man when someone wants to help reinvent Elvis to a new audience. And further more, I'm tired of hearing about all the EOT talk, once we get that we will love it and love it but people will find "problems" with it and imperfections and then they will move on to something else they NEED. We should be THANKFUL we get what we do and be as patient as possible because these things will come in time but what happens when the time comes that there is NOTHING NEW left??? In my opinion this is a year, of all years, fans should be banning together in appreciation of our man and not putting down the industry or anything else; we all love and respect E first and foremost and debating these topics all year would be a let down to what we really should be doing; honoring our hero.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on March 18, 2007
Im tired of hearing all this remix talk,so we can cater to the kids,i became a fan of elvis around 19, and there were no remixes for me to hear,no i actualy took a listen to the music,its too bad everything has to have the same type of beat that most pop 40 music has not too mention the crap most young people listen to,if remixes are all they like, then how many elvis cd's will they buy after they buy a remix cd? As for elvis on tour at least its something original,and there are plenty of people that praise ftd's releases,many great titles,but i find it silly that were hearing more about a remix cd than a box set etc! as for getting elvis a number one, i think that becomes more of something for fans, since he wont enjoy that success,and i think he would rather people take a liking to his real music thatn watered down muis with his vocals!
joemin wrote on March 18, 2007
A remix album?? BRING IT ON!!! And a single to promote it would also be VERY desirable.
Jerome wrote on March 18, 2007
great commments mature Elvisfan, when it comes to remixing the question rises, where you draw the line? So far the remixes of the 2 songs are fine, although very much alike. But maybe next time we get a dance version of Pieces of my life..
PaulFromFrance wrote on March 18, 2007
ElvisFreak... no, I don't enjoy listening to ALLC. To tell the truth, I never listen to this... thing. And no, I don't think it's a great accomplishment for our man. Maybe for the DJ who played with a dead artist's work, but not for our man. And yes... I don't really care of what will happen after all of us have passed away. If the new generation is unable to appreciate the original Elvis, this is their lost.
ger wrote on March 18, 2007
at lsst a remix album Its gota be beter than the same hits over and over
Steve V wrote on March 18, 2007
To satisy all fans, maybe a remix cd could be done with the original version and the remix version back to back? I agree , that this is better than the same old compilations over & over again.
Brian Quinn wrote on March 18, 2007
I have been hounding Sony BMG for a couple of years now to issue a Remix Album so I will be ecstatic if this comes off. In order to appeal to successive generations, the Elvis Legacy must occasionally be looked at and tweaked here and there to incorporate new technology. For the purists who only want the original sounds as recorded then you already have the originals to listen to. They will always be there. However, many members of the general public are put off buying Elvis because they feel the sound is now dated. A twenties something male told me this after purchasing ALLC a couple of years back. He stated that he would buy more Elvis product if the sound was modernised. Bring it on.
MR61 wrote on March 18, 2007
I have been an Elvis fan for almost 40years. We dont need a remix cd or single just keep to the original and the best. Theres plenty of stuff left to release just release it.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on March 18, 2007
Your right we should just update all Elvis songs so that young people can be able to bear all that bad sounding dated music,i gotta tell you, there are lots of fans out there who are young and dont need remixes to get them to buy, those fans who say they only like remixes are admitting what ive already said, they wont buy many elvis products past the remix single's,as far as dated music, what about the nonsence that people buy today,does it not sound the same in alot of cases? if they think remixes are the way to go then go ahead i just bet it wont help a thing,elvis music was ahead of its time in my oppion and if the music is dated then it sure is some great dated music!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on March 18, 2007
For anyone wodnering im 32,hate remixes,and i think some people just dont know good music from the crap thats being released today,the american idlol generation as i call them(ugggg)
Steve V wrote on March 18, 2007
As Elvis once said, there's room for everybody & everything. Let's not be so narrow minded. Remixes arent the worst idea. Releasing tons of CDs with no theme for song considertion does far more damage to the catalog. And, would I rather have a remix album than FTD soundtrack releases featuring Ol McDonald , Chesay, or Queenie Whahini for 30+ dollars? You better believe it.
Iron Man wrote on March 18, 2007
If you are talking about age - I am 21 and have been a fan for 16 years now and I hate the idea of the remixes. And I am completely with mature elvis fan 75 - not many of them will listen to original Elvis stuff after getting. Not many people begin liking Bach or Mozart after hearing a rock version of one of their tunes. This won't happen to Elvis as well. I do not bother buying the numerous amount of compilations, so I don't see the point of saying "It's better than compilations with the same ol' songs". And what is even worse - I can't listen to either Rubberneckin' or ALLC after hearing the remixes. They made me feel bad about these songs - both of which I loved before that. It was a big laugh listening to the 80s Felton Jarvis' remixes - they already lacked purity and sincerity in sound - even though were produced by a man who knew Elvis for 11 years and featured some of the musicians who worked with him in his lifetime. There is no life in these song. And the new remixes were even worse. You want the remixes to prove Elvis is better than the Beatles? Both of them had a big impact on other musicians and it's a terrible mistake trying to compare them, and sales' figures are not an enough proof of somebody being a better performer than another.
JimmyCool wrote on March 18, 2007
I'm 25, and I was so proud when they played ALLC and Rubberneckin' at the clubs and everybody dancin' and aving fun... that's why I like those remixes!
Iron Man wrote on March 18, 2007
I don't care for that type of thing, JimmyCool. It's a matter of taste whether to listen to Presley music or not. But as soon as you remix it, it ain't even Elvis anymore. To me it's painful that somebody remixes his songs. But I will simply skip buying such a CD if it comes out and I hope that I never hear the result. Even if I see the day when the FTD producers or Import CD's producers run out of material I will never buy a remix CD. There are lots of live performances, studio outtakes not mentioning the wonderful masters to listen. Personally I'd prefer the original version of such crap as Datin' od Easy Come Easy Go over any remix - already existing or yet to come.
Steve V wrote on March 18, 2007
Of course it's still Elvis. What does a remix have to do with the vocal? Its still Elvis singing. Look how they used to remix his songs for the movies. In the opening in Kid Galahad they put strings around King Of The Whole Wide World! Who complained then even tho it made the song sound awful. A remix would give some dated and maybe unknown gems new life. After all didnt the TCB band strip all the music and just leave the vocals so they can update the 'live' sound? Same idea here, new backing thats all. I grew up in the 50's, bought & loved the original 45s, but didnt mind a bit when remixes were done to ALLC & Rubberneckin. I saw young people take notice and that was a good thing. As someone said, the original recordings will always be there. No one is taking them away.
byebye wrote on March 18, 2007
It all comes down to how it is done. A musically tastefull well thought over remix/re recorded album with aim to win a grammy is welcome by me. If it is done along the spirit of Elvis´ true heart and soul. A cash in album on the other hand filled with pointless rubbish dance tracks and I´d say that´s in fact a direct insult to Elvis´ work. It would add NOTHING but money to the ones responsible for it. Unfortenately I strongly believe Jorgensen&Co lack the knowhow to make a quality project like that. If I´m wrong I´ll run around my house naked at least 2 laps. (!) Otherwise I´ll get my mojo workin...
Elviz The Pelviz wrote on March 19, 2007
This is realy fantasitic news. I hope these plans to release a remix album would become a reality. Whatever people say remixes are a very effective way of reaching to the present pop market. Generaly the pop market consist of people who are between the ages of 15 - 28. Therefore, I" am not sure whether the comments made by 30 and 32 year olds really matter when it comes to attracting the present pop market to Elvis. Releasing a remix would not hurt the original in any way. For those who want the original can always listen to those songs. However, for those who have never heard of Elvis, would buy a remix as the music would be to their liking. That would ensure Elvis would have some more chart life. Releasing the original over and over again would not ensure increased sales for Elvis. The remixes released in 2002 and 2003 brought in lot of publicity for Elvis and ina way ensured the sucess of Elvis No 1 Album. It is a fact that the promotion and publicity campaighns for Elvis has always lacked the momentum to reach the pop market in an effective manner. However, the remixes released in 2002 and 2003 managed to create a huge awreness for Elvis. I am not refering to the number of teddy bears or other memorabilia sold to die hard fans but there was so much sales in Elvis's singles and albums among the general record buying public. That should be the ultimate goal of Sony / BMG.
Dixieland Rock wrote on March 19, 2007
I'm looking forward to the remix album. I will always enjoy the original versions and I welcome the remixes. Thank you Sony/BMG.
Anton wrote on March 19, 2007
Jesper, Dixieland and Mature fans: You must realize that this is 2007 and believe that from a marketing point of view, it is normal (I don't particulary like it as EP once said)that BMG comes up with newly arranged releases. but Elvis also sang I just can't help believing' although he said he didn't care for it. but if it all brings in more young generation elvis fans...so be it ! On the other hand, we do think that BMG and EPE are looking the wrong way on that avenue of continuing success for our King (in both sales and prestige for generations to come). What 450,000 die-hard fans want to buy is NOT the dubbed-and-overdubbed again versions, but rather EonTour CD Box plus DVD of 12 concerts!! TTWII Show DVD with 3CD Box, more Movie Outtakes, more upgraded/ enhanced CDs or Double CDs of EonStage, TTWII, In Person AND "do not forget" the studio session outtakes of GMan, PromLand, BLove!! Now, then we're talking Steve, Brian, Jerry, Jesper a.o. !!
joemin wrote on March 19, 2007
"mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on Mar 18, 2007 report abuseFor anyone wodnering im 32, hate remixes, and i think some people just dont know good music from the crap thats being released today, the american idlol generation as i call them(ugggg)" 32 year olds were making similar comments in 1956 when Elvis hit the world stage.......
Dixieland Rock wrote on March 19, 2007
Anton, I think it would be great to have all that you listed in it's original form. I welcome that and hope what's in the vaults can be released. No problem there. But I also welcome the remixes. I buy for my own listening enjoyment not for someone elses. So when I purchase music, nobody's opinion matters. I think people forget that even in the 1960s albums like "Elvis For Everyone" even had an overdub of "Tomorrow Night". I enjoy it as much as the original version. When "ALLC" & "Rubberneckin" was remixed, the world kept right on turning. The Elvis world didn't collapse. In fact the original version of "Heartbreak Hotel" got back in the singles charts. Not bad. I think it's great. Again I enjoy the original versions even today but welcome the remixes. If a person doesn't like a remix, that's cool.
byebye wrote on March 19, 2007
Anton, I find it remarkable that you as a fan base you opinion in terms of a marketing point of view. Who cares?! No conclusions or verdict can be drawn so far since there is no info regarding whos doing the remix, why, and what to expect from it since there is poor information on this. I also suggest Elvis fans should speak out on what THEY truly think on matters, instead of lying sleepless on what the rest of the world might think. -If we like it, the rest of the world will... Just as it allways has been.
Elvis Now Magazine wrote on March 19, 2007
We believe it is so short sighted to critisise or campaign against tasteful re mixes. If we didn't have LLC & Rubberneckin, we would be finding it harder today to keep Elvis' name alive so strongly.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on March 20, 2007
Its oppions,not short sighted at all, just dont like them,as for the comments made about people saying the same thing in the 50's about the bad music of the day,your kidding me right,todays music for the most part will be long forgotten,well that is if anyone wakes up to the fact that most of its crap! lol just me little oppion, no worries!
Elviz The Pelviz wrote on March 21, 2007
Mature Elvis, future generations may reject the present music as crap, but what matters is as of now it is selling very well. When Elvis started in 1954 - 55 and began to turn the music world upside down, many said his music wont last and the guy can't sing. But what mattered was as long as he was perceived as a rebel by the then teenagers he was the no.1 seller. It was when he shifted towards the establishment and sang sugary ballads that others like Beatles overtook him. However, the music that the then establishement and the matured persons like Rev.Billy Graham and Frank Sinatra rejected and despised, still lives on. Hence, who knows , people will like these remixes in another ten to fifteen years time. But most important issue is it will sell in the present market and Elvis will always have the originals preseved for posterity.
Steve V wrote on March 21, 2007
Elvis is not heard on free radio anymore, at least where I live. 50's & 60's music is dead as far as the advertises in New York are concerened. Perhaps remixes will get Elvis back to airplay. It cannot hurt. Remember, radio is what makes hits and what helped Elvis get started in the 50's. Bring it on!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on March 24, 2007
Give me a Elvis on tour cd set and then release remixes all you want,or is Elvis on tour going to come from ftd also? Remixes will sell them cd's but i dont know what happens when those people buy elvis cd and have to listen to that terriable dated music!(sarcasim)and steve what if what they decide to play is only remixes? Just a question!
Steve V wrote on March 24, 2007
I want Elvis On Tour also and everything else. All I am saying is a remix may get Elvis some radio airplay. The originals are just not getting it anymore. Its not only Elvis. Any pre-Beatles music doesnt get played on free radio, only satellite. Free classic rock stations think music began in 1964 and current pop radio thinks it ended in the 80's. So a remix may draw some attention. Its does not matter to the originals one way or the other.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on March 24, 2007
I agree totally that radio avoids much great material,but im sure you also agree that its rather sad that a artist such as elvis has to have his music revamped to get air play,i have one local station that still plays elvis and some of the early sixtys and 50's music,in fact this station wont play 80's,these type of stations are scarce!
Bill (BW) wrote on March 26, 2007
If a remix CD is the best BMG can do for the 30th anniversary, it is indeed a sad state of affairs. Personally, if this is the best they can do, I'd prefer they do nothing! William