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Elvis Shoes

March 15, 2007 | Other
Although EPE admitted that the Elvis flip flop slippers were a bad idea, they seem to give it another go with Elvis shoes. Here is the press release from the EPE site:

Elvis Shoes are making a lasting impression across the nation at Bakers Shoes, one of the first major chains to test the line, produced by PSDI USA. The shoe – the Canvas King™ – is available in Bakers Shoes stores and its Wild Pair stores, in locations such as Lynnhaven Mall, Virginia Beach, VA; Woodland Hills, Tulsa, OK; Hamilton Place, Chattanooga, TN; Chesterfield Mall, St Louis, MO; and Glendale Galleria, Glendale, CA.

Bakers Shoes has had tremendous success in the 10 test locations nationwide where they have sold the Canvas Kings. “Bakers will begin to implement the Elvis line into some of its other 200 locations nationwide,” said buyer Chris Lane. They are also looking to possibly sell the shoes online through www.bakersshoes.com.

Bakers Shoes is not the only trend spotters this season. Shoe City, in Baltimore, Md., Washington D.C., and Richmond and Norfolk, VA, have picked up the Canvas Kings and will begin to sell multiple colors by the end of March. The line has also been added by other boutiques throughout the U.S, including: Image in New York City; Littles in Pittsburgh; Love my Shoes, in Long Island; Via Moda in Miami; Silver Rose in New York; and Shoe Parlor in Denver.

O Koo Ran in Big Bear, CA, sold out of all of its Canvas Kings in just two weeks. Store Manager Debra Klouzer said, “That was a quick turn around for a small store like ours. The rock-and-roll style and the pattern of the shoes are what I think has made them such a hit with our customers.”

Although no international distribution contracts have been signed yet, the shoes garnered high levels of interest during the 2007 tradeshow circuit from countries ranging from Mexico to Russia. Marketing Director Melissa Diner noted, “The Canvas Kings have proven to be a strong crossover shoe for PSDI USA’s comprehensive clientele list. The current sales information has forecast the level of interest in the line, which will allow us to plan accordingly for future expansion and product development of Elvis Shoes.” A new design deal has been made between PSDI USA and Alain Mirran Studio of Paris to design the entire 2007/2008 Elvis Shoe collection.

Elvis shoes are produced by PSDI USA, founded in 2001 by French native Philip Chemla, a specialist in apparel and footwear sourcing and supply, who has accumulated over 17 years expertise both in his native France and here in the United States. After working with companies such as Ross, TJ Maxx, and Hale Bob in the U.S., Philip formed a strong relationship with Christian Audigier, founder of Von Dutch Originals, Ed Hardy and most recently his signature line, Christian Audigier. This bond structured PSDI USA to create footwear distribution channels in over 15 countries worldwide and accumulate over $10 million in gross sales in their first year in business. Their elite positioning within both the US market and abroad has put them in prime position to begin the production, selling and marketing of Elvis shoes in 2007. For more information on PSDI USA visit www.psdiusa.net.
Source:EPE - Elvis Presley Enterprises
ttwiise wrote on March 16, 2007
REALLY! They will sell anything! They don`t even look good!
elvissessions wrote on March 16, 2007
Holy cow! I could actually imagine some cool-looking Elvis shoes, but these aren't them. Does anyone understand that no sane person is going to wear these? Why not something a little less godawful gaudy. These look like they belong on Pimp My Sneakers. I'd love to know what accounts for the strong demand described here. Apparently there are more blind, stupid people shopping for shoes than I could have imagined.They mention Mexico and Russia specifically. I hope people in those countries don't mind EPE insulting them by suggesting they have no taste at all.
JimmyCool wrote on March 16, 2007
They should've tried with those cool black shoes with white tip Elvis™ wore in the '50s!
David Brys wrote on March 16, 2007
Well, I'm certainly no shoes expert, but I kinda like them. Nevertheless, do not think very highly about this new trend at EPE to agree with everything in hope that something will hit the attention of the buying public.
Jerome wrote on March 16, 2007
I hope Paris Hilton or some other stylish b*tch will wear them...
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote on March 16, 2007
If Elvis walked on this shoes ,he didn`t get famous
stanton wrote on March 17, 2007
When "Elvis shoes" why don`t they design a pair that looks like shoes Elvis wore? He had a great taste and this way a good pair of shoes might come out....