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Elvis Best Selling Male Act In The UK

March 11, 2007 | People
VH1 unveiled the 50 Best Selling Male acts in the UK chart history in VH1 show The Nation's Favourite No 1 Men. Elvis reigns, outselling all other artists to claim the coveted title of the UK's favourite, having accumulated 21 No 1's and selling a staggering figure of 10,311,196 #1 singles. The programme is the second in a series of VH1 collaborations with The Official Charts Company, and features stars from Cliff Richard to Nelly, who have bagged the UK No 1 singles spot more than once.

Here is the full top 10.

1 Elvis Presley
2 The Beatles
3 Cliff Richard
4 Westlife
5 Shadows
6 Take That
7 Rolling Stones
8 Oasis
9 Elton John
10 Michael Jackson
Source:For Elvis CD Collectors Forum
JimmyCool wrote on March 11, 2007
Don't know WHY I'm not impressed... LOL
Carl wrote on March 12, 2007
This is pretty remarkable when you realize that Elvis never toured the UK. UK fans just went by the records and the movies. It also demonstrates remarkable staying power. Just look at Michael Jackson who is already a has-been and virtually forgotten. Elvis also did a lot to make artists numbers two and three possible. Cliff Richard was inspired by Elvis and went into pop in emulation of Elvis. Elvis was also the artist that got The Beatles into rock and roll. John Lennon said that Elvis was the first singer that ever moved him and convinced him to get into music. Elvis just dominates the music scene in a country that he never even performed in. If that isn't impressive, what is? That chart speaks volumes on about Elvis'REAl impact and influence in the world. And the numbers don't lie. People talked with their money. Money talks. And hype walks. And the most money went for Elvis product. I can remember how Michael Jackson dissed Elvis a while back. Well, who's laughing now, Jacko Wacko?
Brian Quinn wrote on March 12, 2007
Looking at this result in depth it appears that the sales were only for those singles that reached No.1 and only male artists were eligible. Even if female acts were eligible the Top 3 results would still be the same. Still it shows that the combined sales of Elvis' No.1 singles sold more than the combined sales of the No.1 singles by other artists mentioned. Amazing when considering he never appeared in the UK or even appeared on TV for an interview.
ext_mnx wrote on March 12, 2007
I wait for more positives number ones
Deke Rivers 6 wrote on April 05, 2007
.....and the Stones should have been higher, No3 at least then The Shadows ect.