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Charlie Hodge Honoured At Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall Of Fame

March 14, 2007 | People
Charlie Hodge, who passed away on March 3, 2006, has been honored at the 2007 Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony in New York City. The Ceremony was broadcasted live on VH1 Classic. The programm mentioned Charlie Hodge along with everybody else who had passed away in the music business in 2006.

Jennifer Hodge confirmed the news: “The ceremony opened with photos of those who passed on in 2006, who were important in Rock ‘n’ Roll History – which Charlie was part of. I have always been proud of Charlie, but to see him honored in this way was extra special to me. It was just a quick flash of his picture and his name, but it was a large gesture in mind.”
My boy, my boy wrote on March 14, 2007
Geez...I know Charlie had his so-called "admirers" and also those who didn`t think much of him, which I totally understand, but why don`t they pay tribute to men like him during their living years ?! I guess he would have been really proud to show up in person to such an event. Rock`n roll hall of fame you guys wake up a few years too late....not impressed whatsoever !
dannyboy1 wrote on March 15, 2007
What on earth for? He certainly wasn't an accomplished guitarist and his vocals are only bearable on a couple of songs from the early 60's. Who's next? The guy who used to shine Elvis' shoes? The R'n'R Hall of fame must be REALLY desperate for people to honour! Aren't there more deserving performers out there?
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on March 15, 2007
Try having a little respect,no one asked for there oppions of his singing,which i dont think was his main role to begin with as far as the concerts go,i cant understand why anyone would dislike the guy,and to the ones who cared for him, im sure they miss him,again respect is in short supply these days!
SuziB wrote on March 15, 2007
It is irrelevant whether Charlie Hodge was a nice guy or not, was Elvis friend etc. Induction into the R 'n' R hall of fame is supposed to based upon contribution made to the history of R 'n' R - Charlie's was precsisely zero.
Peter@EM wrote on March 15, 2007
Hi guys, be sure to read this news item correct. Charlie was not inducted - he was 'honored'. Right before the official induction ceremony began, his picture and name was flashed - that's all. Still, a nice gesture.
L,POOL KID wrote on March 15, 2007
look the rock 'n' roll hall of fame should only be for people who have made a significant contribution to the music concerned and not just for being a nice guy who gives out scarfe's.an award like this just waters down the achievements of the those who hve gone before.when i say this i am not hving a go at charlie,but rather just telling it like it is,a pure statement of fact.
memoriesoftheking wrote on March 15, 2007
Yes, Charlie was recognized as someone who passed this last year, not inducted into the Hall of Fame. I think a lot of people don't realize how important Charlie was during the concert years. He not only sang very good harmony with Elvis, he also carried on the big long notes at the end of some songs, when Elvis couldn't. He was Elvis' stage manager, even though he was never given that title. He made sure everyone on that stage knew what was going on. I don't understand why all the critizing of Charlie, when he has been one of Elvis biggest defenders since Elvis died. There are plenty of people in Elvis' circle who has stabbed him in the back, but Charlie is NOT one of them. I met him a couple of times, and He would get angry if one harsh word was spoken about Elvis. A very talented and nice man.
Steve V wrote on March 15, 2007
A nice gesture on their part. He was not inducted for any contributions, just mentioned as one of the people who passed in 2006. Besides the concert years he was part of one of the greatest rock n roll TV shows of all time, the 68 comeback. Nuff said!
tcbflash wrote on March 15, 2007
This was just saying he died since the last rock-n-roll hall of fame inductions. All of the award shows do a collection of people who have died within a year. Weather they are a mainstream popular artist or just a "secondary" figure. They are not inducting him, saying he was a great vocalist/guitarist, etc. They just showed all the people who have died within the music idustry. He was part of the industry weather you like it or not by his involvment with Elvis.
byebye wrote on March 15, 2007
Charlie was the sidekick to the worlds greatest rock star. Elvis felt comfortable on stage with him, and therefor made great perfomances. I´d say thay qualifies him to be honored by "Rock´n Roll Hall of Fame".
dannyboy1 wrote on March 15, 2007
Okay, point taken, I guess. I had mistakenly thought being "honoured" meant recognition of his worthwhile contributions to R'n'R (of which there weren't any). If it was only having his picture projected for a few seconds in acknowledgement of his passing then I guess that was fair enough.
stu wrote on March 15, 2007
Having Charlie Hodge recognised in this way doesn't denegrate anyone elses achievements; its an indication that the Hall of Fame appreciate and understand Elvis' immence contribution to entertainment. Charlie had a great voice. Does anyone believe for one minute that he would have been involved in so much of Elvis' music if he couldn't sing or wasn't talented? He was already an established singer when he met Elvis. No doubt through his friendship he will have also influenced Elvis' direction somewhat.
Jerome wrote on March 16, 2007
Charlie must have been a great guy and friend, although he laughed at every joke Elvis made, for that he also deserves an Oscar-nomination