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Lonely Avenue - Doc Pomus Biography

March 06, 2007 | Book
Just released by Da Capo Press is the book "Lonely Avenue - The Unlikely Life and Times of Doc Pomus", written by Alex Halberstadt.

According to the synopsis it is a revealing look at the life of the prolific songwriter who is known for writing for Elvis Presley, Ray Charles, B.B. King, Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin and Bruce Springsteen among many others. It’s the story of Pomus’ private life that is getting the critics keen attention with the press release stating: ‘Despite his successes, few acquaintances knew that this writer of jukebox hits led one of the most dramatic lives of his time. Spanning extravagant wealth and desperate poverty, suburban family life and the depths of New York's underworld, enduring love and persistent loneliness, Doc's story remains one of the great untold American lives.’

For Elvis he is famed for co-writing songs such as Viva Las Vegas and A Mess Of Blues along with countless other songs including Girl Happy, Little Sister and It’s a Long Lonely Highway.