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Joe Guercio Book

March 04, 2007 | Book
Joe Guercio, the legendary ‘musical director’ for the Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas, and of course Elvis Presley’s conductor, has begun working on a biography. However, the book will not focus on Elvis. Elvis will only feature in “one chapter”, as Joe has worked with lots of other celebrities, including. Barbara Streisand, Liberace and Natalie Cole. The book is planned for 2008 at the earliest.
RJ wrote on March 04, 2007
Guercio: such a great guy. Fact that he doesn't focus on Elvis only says enough...
tmorelli@hughes.net wrote on March 04, 2007
I agree with RJ that the fact that Joe does not make Elvis the focus of the book to be admirable but he toured with him for six years. How about at least two chapters instead of one? When you hear the name Joe Guercio you don't think Liberace or Barbara Streisand. Plenty of other people worked with them as well, but who can lay claim to being the orchestra leaders for Elvis for every tour and almost every Vegas engagement? How about three chapters and a bobble head doll?
Palle wrote on March 05, 2007
Not focusing on Elvis is great, it just tells me that he isn't after stupid Elvis fans money that will buy everything, even bobble head doll. And "How about at least two chapters instead of one?" why??? It's like saying cut up the pizza in 8 slices instead of 6, as I can't eat all that much.
JustPretend1975 wrote on March 05, 2007
Two chapters instead of one...it can be that one chapter is 50 pages and another is 20 pages...so that does not matter...
Anton wrote on March 05, 2007
No, we are very dissappointed. Joe Guercio could have told us so many wonderful stories about EP on stage and most of all the "making" of a success in Vegas...Too bad Joe only writes two pages, we want 200 pages of it ! Maybe he should team up with Kathy or Sean Nielsen (no more with Esposito who is already overpublicized...) and perhaps also John Wilkinson and write a specific EonStage book... that would tell stories never heard before, referring also to working on songs with EP, problems on stage, interactions between band members and orchestra, how Elivs handled certain matters for the good of all, etc
stanton wrote on March 05, 2007
Maybe this is book number one; after high request he`ll write his second one right after.....then on "his time with the King".
Anton wrote on March 14, 2007
June and Staton: thanks comments but we strongly do believe it is a smack in the face for elvis fans; Joe should be more grateful for so many elvis fans who made it all possible...the success they had on stage and in Vegas /on the road also.....Joe Guercio as well as Joe Esposito and to some extend Jerry Schilling should be much more grateful to fans....and show their respect and appreciation (they both made thousands of dollars out of elvis...and owe that success to US! never forget baby...) Guercio should not be mafioso and write his second book together with John Wilkinson or Sherrill Nielsen) about being on the Rodad with Elvis....lots of anecdotes that we'd love to read about....Not like Jerry's book that only tells us what we already knew....way back, way back......or Joe Esposito, who doesn't even care to tell us what Elvis really liked, song-wise (what did he sing along on the Route 66 towards LA or Memphis....what did EP think of recording songs like Welcone to my world, Oh Happy days, I need yr love tonight, I leave it up to you, You can have her, etc etc....maybe other songs?) Tell us Joe! That is why we'd like to read the Stanleys book....regardless....without being biased!
Steve V wrote on March 16, 2007
Anton - watch those mafiso comments! It made no sense and is a slur. But I do agree with you. Tell us what we dont know. Many times I've heard that the upcoming Aug 1977 tour was gonna contain new songs. Charlie says it as he is being interviewed right after Elvis' death. How excited they were about the new material. What was it? Was this just BS and it was the same as always? I've always wanted to know this. Surely someone in the Elvis world must know! Maybe Mr Guercio does!