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Elvis Premium Figurine

March 04, 2007 | Other
Here is the Elvis "premium format" figurine designed by 'Sideshow Collectibles' which should be available September 2007. The statue is a reconstruction of Elvis during his top period in the fifties. The scale is 1/4, measuring 45cm, each statue is painted by hand and the clothes are made of real fabric. The statue will be available in 2 versions: with guitar ($299) and without ($279).
Source:Elvis Corner
Tiger-man-GB wrote on March 04, 2007
I've seen photos of this figure up close, & personally I would'nt bother, I've got better things to spend my money on, it hardly looks like him, if you want this kind of item stick to the McFarlane figures, they cost less & one in a while they get close, ie. The Jailhouse Rock figure.
SuziB wrote on March 04, 2007
Ifyou go tho their website, you can see a close-up of this. Its described as a 'prototype' and I hope it changes as it looks nothing like Elvis. No if it was a Dracula figure, they would be getting close...
Shakingruud wrote on March 04, 2007
Totally waste of money....
Viva wrote on March 04, 2007
Awful. Simply awful. The face looks more like Danny Kaye, and can someone please show me the photo in which Elvis is stood doing a Norman Wisdom impression? Let us not forget that this has been authorised by the same people who shut down and prosecute other businesses for selling what they call "The Tackiest of Trinkets". The words "Pot" and "Kettle" spring immediately to mind. "Mr Grimsdale.. Mr Grimsdale..."
Crazyann wrote on March 04, 2007
Viva.... I was crying with laughing when I read your post! You've really captured the escence of what I was thinking when I saw the figure. The analogy of a Norman Wisdom impression is spot on! Thanks for making me smile!!!
Mystery Rider wrote on March 04, 2007
Can i buy just the stand, so i can use it as a hockey puck.??
gbalaban wrote on March 05, 2007
I agree that it really does not seem worth it, but if the fabric was actual fabric from one of Elvis' wardrobe then it would be worth at least $50.00 :}
Viva wrote on March 05, 2007
Glad to have cheered you up Crazyann! You can usually tell how good these things are by the fact that they have to give you a hint as to who it is by putting the name in huge letters underneath. I especially like the fact that "the clothes are made of real fabric" is considered a selling point. It's a bit like saying "The name on the stand is made from real letters". And all for the very modest sum of $299. I can see the advertising now: "Ladies and Gentleman, for the very first time ever, an Elvis Presley statue will be available with or without a guitar in this limited edition, unlimited price figurine. Before EPE sold everything...Elvis fans bought anything" Who needs On Tour out-takes when you've got this. Priceless.
Tupelo3577 wrote on March 05, 2007
It does look like him ! . . . From a distance !
Jerome wrote on March 06, 2007
it's Cliff Richard!!!! Uh, I mean Sir Cliff Richard
ext_mnx wrote on March 07, 2007
Is beautiful !!!!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on March 07, 2007
Oh shucks i gotta have it, its elvis so i must buy (sarcasim)