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Cover Art Lawdy Miss Clawdy

March 06, 2007 | Music
Here is the cover art of the Intenfrank label budget release "Lawdy Miss Clawdy" which is due on March 12, 2007. Amazon also lists a 2 CD compilation with the same title from the same label.
FJE wrote on March 06, 2007
Don't bother about the track listing. We know what's included. Now thay are also ripping the covers from DVDs!
Deke Rivers 6 wrote on March 07, 2007
What has "Follow That Dream" pic got to do with "Lawdy Miss Clawdy" ? A lot of thought has gone into this...NOT !
stanton wrote on March 07, 2007
After all we could expect a little bit more feeling and maybe five or six minutes of thinking things over before just slapping any picture that is in closest reach on any cover. Our man is one of the most fotographed people that walked this earth, so is it so much trouble to pick a picture that fits the index?
Greg Nolan wrote on March 10, 2007
And to think that I used to like the basic concept behind "public domain" law.... What a disaster this flood of releases is. If there are any Elvis fans behind these crapola releases, I implore you: stop it, now! Or at least do it right!