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A Tradition Of Charity

March 06, 2007 | People
Priscilla Presley was the special guest of University of Memphis athletic director R. C. Johnson and his wife, Melba, recently at a reception at the FedExForum's Ambassador Room. Priscilla said she was in Memphis to "carry on Elvis' tradition of charity." She announced two scholarships being established at U of M in the name of the Elvis Presley Charitable Foundation. One is for an intern to work in the athletic department and the other is designated for the pompon squad. Before attending the basketball game between the Tigers and Houston, Priscilla spoke to a crowd that included Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton, U of M president Dr. Shirley Raines and Jack Soden, president and CEO of Elvis Presley Enterprises.
Source:Commercial Appeal
Anton wrote on March 07, 2007
Great Priscilla. When it comes to Lisa Marie, here's another suggestion, maybe worthwhile to follow up: LisaM could sing a couple of songs (And I love him so, Without him, Don't cry Daddy etc) and "add" them on the CD of her Dad "Singing for kids" and send this/her CD to hundreds of Children Charity Organizations, hospitals and also to EPFClub presidents and members so that those kids that are not as fortunate as we are perhaps, can get something free from her/from Elvis and his Family.
ext_mnx wrote on March 07, 2007
Yes Anton, the kids are unfortunated. Both women want to show as the new two Virgin Marie but are presences (non-welcomed for me) because the final is to profit and show up with the poor bothersome beggar. And to get more money on Elvis Presley. Is a shame. For me the Elvis Presley presence is "one and only". And the less proper is priscilla, whom said to the press many times: "I don´t ever again want anyone to own me the way Elvis did". Priscilla I ask you: please, do not ever again to own Elvis Presley and his charity the way that you and your family did.. Please, to move away is the more decent. The charity is a virtue very hard without eyes not the ambition behind a virtue mask.
ext_mnx wrote on March 07, 2007
And I am so proud of Elvis Presley whom know very well this hard virtue that is the charity. He is one and only and his love for the less fortunated finish in 1977.. But I am so prod of him. Nobody wil take his place and torch.
stanton wrote on March 07, 2007
No matter what or how, the charity purpose stands in first line. Of course, it was much more honorable the way Elvis did his charity gifts - concealed and in the background, with no hunger for spotlight or press marketing, because he did it from his heart and not his head and for PR-reason - but after all the children get their donations and this is what counts in the end. So charity here or there....as long as the donation reaches those that deserve it and those who it is meant for, what difference does it make. The size of Elvis`heart and generosity will never be reached by anyone who has to do with EPE or any other "brandmark" worldwide. That is one of a thousand reasons why he will always be the best. Better than all the rest (he has left behind), all of us included.
Anton wrote on March 08, 2007
Yes, fully agree with ext_nmx and stanton: she does not have to be in the press and announce all charities in the name of our King...She choose for the easy life when marrying EP and that's it. In case she hadn't grown up then, well that's her problem...maybe she should have stayed single and let Elvis be who he was and not pressure him into marriage right then... LisaMarie is another topic. I heard from friends in L.A. that she behaves very awkwardly over there with friends and musicians of her own...Maybe it's time for her to show some more respect and sing these songs (And I love him so...) and send a "free" copy of it to "all" registered elvis fans. That would be PR and show her respect for all of us...Then we could either keep her CD or throw it away, maybe give it away to some poor kids that like her music and might one day become young elvis fans (to hear the real voice sing...) They have both shown that money is their main interest and not only them...but also Joe's, Jerry's, Sonny's and soon the Stanley's....How wrong they can all be !
Anton wrote on March 08, 2007
LisaMarie could do some great charity work and also get her first golden record, by doing so. She should make CD with duets with Tom Jones, Jerry Lee, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Diane Kroll, Neil Sedaka and Paul Anka; all singing Elvis hits together. She should then send free of charge to every elvis fan her CD with the plea to give it to some poor kids or handicapted person who is interested to get it for free from Elvis fans. That way she would not sell, but give away 450,000 copies worldwide and keep her Dad's image and presence in the news media. Great idea isn't it ?