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Various Budget Releases

March 02, 2007 | Music
Released on February 2, 2007 on the Not Now Music label was the budget compilations "The Sun Years", "The Original Sun Hits And More" and "The Original Hits".

Released in Europe on the High Plane label on February 16, 2007 was the budget 2 CD compilation "Most Famous Hits".

Due for release on the Intenfrank label on March 12, 2007 are the two releases "Don't Be Cruel" and "Lawdy, Miss Clawdy". No other information is available yet.
FJE wrote on March 02, 2007
Actually, no further information is needed! As I said before, this is verging on the ridiculous with these random releases that seem to crop every day! Oh dear oh dear! Poor Elvis!
Dorulet wrote on March 02, 2007
EJF, i totally agree with you... no further info needed. Something really has to be done in order to stop these releases...
Dixieland Rock wrote on March 02, 2007
The best way in stopping these releases is with your wallet. Don't buy this stuff. If everyone didn't buy them, then these labels would be stuck with this stuff. These labels can release this over and over but still my wallet is closed to them. But, if a person wants this stuff, then by all means open up your wallet to them.
SendToTodd wrote on March 02, 2007
I have no issue with out-of-copyright term releases. Anyone can publish the works of Charles Dickens and in doing so it has sustained his popularity. If the RCA record label feel that there is no need to exploit their 50 year old Presley catalogue repretoire then it has to be a free-for-all for discount brands under the current law. Ask yourself, what is the RCA label doing at this time for the in copyright exploitation?
old shep wrote on March 03, 2007
Somewhere along the line the people who dish out the same crop of songs on budget line cds will find out that there is a saturation point and they will loose out financially some in a big way. Conversely some Elvis fans will also find they can not cope with the plethora of releases and also give up the chase. I think common sense will prevail in the end. Unfortunately Elvis record company seem to just sit back and let others take control, then again when have RCA or BMG ever thought a dam about the guy who has feathered their nests for 50 years.
marco31768 wrote on March 03, 2007
I'm very bored to this CD! Who is the buyers of these compilations??? I hope that those CD will stay in the stores!!!!!
FJE wrote on March 03, 2007
SendToTodd, two wrongs don't make a right. Yes, it's true that RCA is doing nothing about the 50-year copyright law. But isn't this exactly one reason to have all fan clubs unite in putting pressure on them to do something about it and give back the respect Elvis deserves? I've been a member of your fan club for over 40 years (still am) and I always admired your hard work in putting pressure where needed, including EPE & the Colonel themselves when Elvis was still alive. I may be wrong here, only time will tell, but I don't see this happening to The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Dylan, Springsteen etc. when their respective copyright expires.