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The Man And His Music #75

March 03, 2007 | Other
The new issue of the magnificent magazine "The Man And His Music" is out. This time it has a great interview with Ronnie Tutt, a collection of stage quotes, the updates by Ernst Jorgensen on his Sun-project and the start of a new series. Keith Flynn - his name will be known to a lot of us internetters - authors an interesting "It Take One To Know (Take) One"... in short it sums up the mistakes made with dating or numbering takes on official (BMG/FTD) releases, bootlegs and in books. Interesting to have them in print!

Of course the magazine has the regulars like news, letters and reviews of books, DVDs and CDs (with a good one of "Unchained Melody" :-)).
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Ronaldv wrote on March 03, 2007
Today I read the magazine. Very interesting articles and a great interview with Ronnie! A great article about celebreties who were present in the audience at elvis concerts in the 70's. honest opinions!! Keep the legend alive!
MR61 wrote on March 03, 2007
I am quite a new member to this magazine and on the strength of four mags, I have cancelled my OEFC of GB subscription this is a lot better read it has great articles and isnt full of adverts its goes back to the roots of this time of magazine a great read good value for money ,keep up the good work trevor & co to be fair i must also mention Andrews Hearns Esential Elvis Mags this is also on the same par as The Man and His Music.also the staff at these mags are second to none polite and helpfull not rude and un polite like some (and they know who there are)people who do this type of magazine cannot live on there laurals of the past like some they need to keep the peoples interest due to the use of web sites like the one you are reading .if these dinosaurs dont change there ways they will be gone al together in a few years like eg. ELVIS Monthly.keep up the good work trevor we all dont have a computer also its hard to read a web site article 10 years on you cant beat taking that old mag of the self and reading it to bring back the memories
Steve V wrote on March 09, 2007
Jam packed issue. The best one in a while and the best mag out there by far.
You Dont Know Me wrote on March 12, 2007
Well I 90% thoroughly 'disagreed' with their shallow review of 'unchained melody'-apart from that it was a great issue!
Anton wrote on March 12, 2007
Publishers of EP the Man & his Music ! Superb job for years ! Just a llittle hint: could you publish each quarter a two page article full of EP fans' suggestions and recommendations for future CD and DVD releases that BMG and EPE Magmt may find extremely useful for marketing purposes. They could sell to the remaining 450,000 hardcore EP fans worldwide and would then not make any more bad-selling products....Also for fans a forum that opens the marketability of what EP fans really want to spend their money on. No nonsense, just ideas that are worthwhile, like e.g. Double Features with added outtake songs (Don't think 2X long version, Prom Land XXX version, etc) on FTD label; also, TTWII and EonTour 72 (all concert filming of EP on stage only PLUS DVD of edited 200 hrs of MGM tape, edited by JSchilling) and then more Studio and Movie session outtakes (GMan, PLand, BLove sessions, etc). Could be very worthwhile for all 450,000 fans and all your readers who want to read something innovative and promising perhaps... Your opinion welcomed !