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Live In LA - Concert And Photo Book Available For Pre-order

March 01, 2007 | Book
The Follow That Dream book and CD release "Live in LA" is available for pre-order. This release contains an 1974 Concert Soundboard Recording with photo book. The book "Live in L.A." features more than 200 photos of Elvis at his various Los Angeles shows. The main focus is on the evening concert at Inglewood Forum May 11, 1974. The CD is an informal "soundboard" recording of that particular show with a few songs from other shows. The release date is April 1, 2007.

Track List:

1. Also Sprach Zarathustra
(Richard Strauss – P.D.)
2. See See Rider
(Traditional; Arr. By Elvis Presley)
3. I Got A Woman / Amen
(Ray Charles) / (J. Hairston)
4. Love Me
(Jerry Leiber/Mike Stoller)
5. Trying To Get To You
(Rose Marie Mccoy/Charles Singleton)
6. All Shook Up
(Otis Blackwell/Elvis Presley)
7. Teddy Bear / Don’t Be Cruel
(Kal Mann/Bernie Lowe) / (Otis Blackwell/Elvis Presley)
8. Love Me Tender
(Vera Matson/Elvis Presley)
9. Steamroller Blues
(James Taylor)
10. Hound Dog
(Jerry Leiber/Mike Stoller)
11. Fever
12. Polk Salad Annie
(Tony Joe White)
13. Why Me Lord
(Kris Kristofferson)
14. Suspicious Minds
(Mark James)
15. Introductions
16. I Can’t Stop Loving You
(Don Gibson)
17. Help Me
(Larry Gatlin)
18. An American Trilogy
(Mickey Newbury)
19. Let Me Be There
(John Rostill)
20. Funny How Time Slips Away
(Willie Nelson)
21. Big Boss Man
22. Can’t Help Falling In Love
Bonus Song:
23. You Can Have Her
(William Cook)

Tracks 1–20 recorded May 11th, 1974, evening show at Forum Of Inglewood, Los Angles, CA.
Tracks 21+22 recorded May 10th at Swing Auditorium, San Bernardino, CA.
Track 23 recorded May 11th, 1974, afternoon show at Forum Of Inglewood, Los Angles, CA.

This is a soundboard recording, except track 23, which is an audience recording.

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Jerome wrote on February 28, 2007
aaah, only 63 british pounds ( 85 euro). Really, I almost thought of pre-ordering one but for this kind of money? To be honest, don't think twice it's not alright, too much. I'll look the pictures in by some from friends house and maybe he can copy the concert. 63.. must be kiddin' me (hey that rhymes?!!!)
ttwiise wrote on February 28, 2007
£63 !!!! it`s a shame because it is a nice idea, but it won`t sell at that price, and then, guess what they won`t bother any more because they are not selling.
FLY-TROUBLE! wrote on March 01, 2007
Well,in fact its price is 64 pounds on that site,not 63. And if you are living outside the U.K.,you even have to pay some postage,too. L A U G H A B L E !
Ton Bruins wrote on March 01, 2007
Ridiculous price ! FTD should stop with those Book/CD releases.
FJE wrote on March 01, 2007
Yes, you're right FLY_TROUBLE! I live in Malta and I do have to pay unbelievable shipping costs to get it like I had to do with "Writing For The King" Book, in some cases almost as much as the book costs. Some shops don't even send to foreign countries and sell the book to UK residents only! I wish FTD can solve this problem (how about a soft paperback edition?) as they are certainly losing sales with these real heavy book releases.
Rob Wanders wrote on March 01, 2007
ridicilous price; the photobook is nice to watch one or two times, then it dissapears in the cupboard next to the other Photobooks. I'm not going to pay €85 for that.€ 40 should be the limit; €20 for the cd and €20 for the book. Probably I will find a way to get a copy of the cd (specially for the song: you can have her")
Renan Augusto wrote on March 01, 2007
Shame on them.
RJ wrote on March 01, 2007
Price of the Live in LA set is communicated as €60 on other websites. Given the usual (EP) book & cd prices in the market, this is ok. I'll probably buy this one, but I can understand it's rather high for some people..
whetherman wrote on March 01, 2007
I want this, mainly for the CD, but there is no way on this earth I'm going to pay £64 for it. If this price is correct then "Live in LA" will be the first FTD that I will not buy.
Santa Claus wrote on March 01, 2007
Some said BMG has 200 soundboards. If you buy this book here you can figure what happens. Take a mono soundboard which you couldn't commercialize elsewhere but in a circle of dumb Elvis fans. Buy the rights of some Bob Heis photo sets or something and sell it for a good amount. Again I recall Ernst saying at the beginning of FTD: "No soundboards. Only high quality studiomaterial". Now he learned how to sell even the 'trash' in BMGs archive. Wasn't that in a fairytale when somebody tried to make gold out of straw? Okay let's go back to the point: 200 shows a 64 pounds...that is....uhmm. The critics about FTD are getting louder. The people become more angry with every unneccesary or expensive release. And we had a lot. Ernst's reactions: "Bad recording" and "I don't read fan-forums too often". This is how he sees the customers he's milking. He's doing his thing not careing about his customers requests. Ernst, it may be that your record-company was too dumb to record Elvis' many Vegas rehearsals in the later years or even his Comeback-Vegas show 31.07.1969 (Once I saw on TV they recorded John Lennon and Yoko Ono singing in a bath-tub. So why not record Elvis' Vegas Comeback-show?). But if they were too dumb for that why not finally give the fans the few rareties BMG has definitely left? No more 'babies of yours' like "Songwriters" or FTDs with material we all know from bootlegs for years. And regarding the soundboards: Why not post them on a commercial board? Give access to a Hard-Drive. Every dull mono show downloadable for 10 $ each. So everybody can pick what kind or how many shows he wants to have.
Steve V wrote on March 01, 2007
pass - I'll spend my money on other things like food.
FLY-TROUBLE! wrote on March 01, 2007
EJF,don't buy FTD's from Amazon. Buy them from NowDigThis. They sell the FTD cd's for only 17 pounds and this price INCLUDES the postage to your country. The books are also cheaper there than elsewhere,they sell ROCKIN' ACROSS TEXAS and FLASHBACK for only 39 pounds,this price also INCLUDES the postage to any European country.
shaneleebrown wrote on March 01, 2007
Amazon are now doing the older FTDs for £11.99 which is the cheapest I have seen them. As for the "what FTD should release" issue - I think they are in a damned-if-you-do damned-if-you-don't situation. They cant win.
ttwiise wrote on March 01, 2007
Santa claus I must come back on your slating of this project my grumble is with the price not with the idea. Yes the soundboards are a bit samey and the sound needs improving, look what the bootleggers have done with the feb 73 show and the 2 april 72 shows that were in mono, but to give us a lovely book with a concert is a good idea. I agree the writing for the king was a miss-hit, but the king has been gone a long time and it`s just great that we are getting new material. 20 years ago we would have bought a 74 show recorded from the audience.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on March 01, 2007
These books are going for $127 usd and thats before shipping,there should be a official website for ftd so all fans can pay the same price!
shaneleebrown wrote on March 01, 2007
Mature_Elvis, surely we are all capable of shopping around on the internet for the best price? We do for every other CD we buy!
FJE wrote on March 01, 2007
Thanks FLY-TROUBLE! for your suggestion. Actually I buy all FTD releases from Essential Elvis at £16.49 including postage which I believe is the cheapest I could find. The problem is with these Book/CDs which EE sell at a reasonable price but due to their heavy weight they incur a hefty postage rate. So EE understanbly decided not to send the books outside UK. I will certainly try Now Dig This like you suggested and see how it goes. Thanks once again.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on March 01, 2007
Sure we can,but prices like that are just simply absurd,and i have to believe someone is paying that price,and from what ive seen the avaerage price for this is $100 up,which is also absurd,you also have to keep in mind that shipping for these books for us usa residents is about $20 when we buy outside of our country!
benny scott wrote on March 01, 2007
When i read all these high prices then i consider myself and other Elvis-Fans here in Belgium as very lucky. The book costs 59 euro, thats +/- 40 bp and +/- 80 usd.Also shipping costs(mailing withing the country ) are rather low.
shaneleebrown wrote on March 01, 2007
Ah, but just give a thought for all the items that have only been released in America over the years (not just Elvis) and we have had to import in at a high cost. I like the shoe being on the other foot for once!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on March 02, 2007
Wouldnt that be because hes an american artist? it seems this is the attitude of the people behind these kind of releases,it would be better if all fans could afford these releases and it not have anything to do with were you live, my whole point which was lost in all this, is that way too many people are asking way too much for these releases,its very simple if these kind of releases keep on ill start missing some of the ftd's,when a on tour project like this comes along , then i might be interested!
Anton wrote on March 02, 2007
Should be a great release, except for its price which is far too high...Needs to be lowered to max US$ 50 BMG boys...don't dream...250,000 more copies could be sold that way...to fans all over world. Need to see the book to be convinced I'd buy it.....Of course I will, but leaves you with bad aftertaste on pricing. Now the good news is that BMG will no longer release budget Camden CDs this year....Great! Stop that nonsense and bring out more further enhanced, extended & upgraded CDs for general public (EinPerson, EonStage and TTWII original album and then live version CD as well PLUS DVD of the movie show sas filmed by MGM - for broader public which should sell 450,000 copies worldwide) Fans ideas, suggs and recomms welcomed. C'mon ev'body let us know your opinion on that.
Aron wrote on March 02, 2007
Fans outside UK will pay not less than €100 for this issue<. 64 pounds -> €95 plus postage etc.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on March 06, 2007
Anton thats my point,people are charging the fans absurd prices for these type of releases,and im shocked that fans seem very eager to pay such absurd prices, $127 for a book? there is no marketing behind these releases,just releases them and let the fans do all the work to try to track down a decent price,to me being that this is after all a collectors label ,there should be a official website!
benny scott wrote on March 06, 2007
Hi Aron, You're wrong my friend, see my writing of march 1st. i repeat : i'll pay the book 59 ( fifty-nine) euros here in Belgium and as a bonus i'll become 10% rebate on my customer-card, so that makes 53,1 euros,( +/- 36 pounds) and that's far from the 95 euros or 64 pounds you state. And as far as i know: Belgium is outside the UK. always El
Anton wrote on March 14, 2007
Yes, Benny, Stanton, Benny, Peter, Henrik, Hubert, Chris, Mature EP fans and others: the price of those CDs is outrageous and should be contested. anywhere in the world. BMG DK think we are crazy and would buy at any price such recordings. NO WAY baby! Seriously, we do believe that BMG DK and also EPE Mgmt has gotten the wrong marketing strategy, but claim so for more than 5 years already. without getting an answer from BMG or EPE nor from Bob Sillerman's office. It goes to show that we are dealing with "sharks" and we do not tolerate that! 450,000 remaining hardcore elvis fans in this world do not want to pay exorbitant prices for mediocre recordings such as the LA one. even with a book that comes with it. we can if we want buy photos (and better ones than the ones on this CD) bu8t at a better price...BMG should urgently pass on the buck to BMG in Holland because the Dutch BMG (with close cooperation and collaboration with the Dutch EPFClubs) should be able to do a better job! BMG New York should hand over the releases for Elvis product to the Dutch and be sure, things will be turned around, "lucrativeley" for BMG. No more budget Camden CD stupid non-selling product to the general pubic in the world. Let us hear your opinion Chris Giles? Ernst Jorgensen? Henrik in DK? Do not be partial here, it is in the intersst of elvis fans worldwide that BMG sells millions of CDs and CD Boxes and DVDs again, like in the Fifties and Sixtees, right on baby!
Dan The Man wrote on March 16, 2007
But Anton, there were no CD's and DVD's in the fifties and sixties ;-)
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote on March 16, 2007
Jorgensen tells in an interview that he had all soundboards of `74 , and what do you get as a bonus song an audience recording of "you can have her" Yippee Yi Yo Yippee Yi Yay