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Lisa Marie Starts Work On New album

February 27, 2007 | People
Lisa Marie starts work on her third album next month despite being without a record label. When Capitol merged with Virgin Records, Lisa Marie did not join the new consortium.
Source:Elvis UK On-line
Tiger-man-GB wrote on February 27, 2007
Maybe She should try Sony/BMG.
JimmyCool wrote on February 27, 2007
Baby, I Don't Care...
Viva wrote on February 27, 2007
Oh dear. Time to visit the Graceland Plaza and buy those new "Do Not Disturb" limited edition ear-muffs, and some "It Hurts Me" pain killers for the ensuing headache.
tmorelli@hughes.net wrote on February 27, 2007
Why is there such animosity? I have her first CD and while it was not earth shattering I don't she is hurting anyone by recording a new one. If she came out trying to be her father and wore jumpsuits (Remember Britney Spears in Las Vegas anyone?) or sang nothing but covers of Elvis' songs or worse - released an album full of electronic father and daughter duets then by all means yes - I could see the anger. Ask yourselves: WWET (What Would Elvis Think?).
Steve V wrote on February 27, 2007
Sorry - she's not talented. Give it up.
Deke Rivers 6 wrote on February 27, 2007
Her style is too modern for me.Her voice get's lost in the production. I would love her to cover her Dad's song's.
see see rider wrote on February 27, 2007
I have BOTH of her releases so far and happen to think there quit good AND..will be waiting to hear the new one. As far as her covering her dad's songs you can forget get it, that's not why she got into the music business, after all, what would be the point, she's not her dad nor does she wanna try and be. Which is also why she didn't sign with RCA when she secured her record deal with Capitol, they wanted her but since her dad was and still is with RCA, she wanted to go her own route.
Cruiser621 wrote on February 28, 2007
Who gives a big rats behind. She is not Elvis. Period. If she was that good she'd have a record label. Obviously no talent. No recording contract.
efan4ever wrote on February 28, 2007
I have both of her albums and I think they are good. And I look forward to the new one.
efan4ever wrote on February 28, 2007
I also believe her father would be proud of her.
FLY-TROUBLE! wrote on February 28, 2007
Lisa Marie is a disaster. Nobody is interested in her petty life and music after all.
Vital Pluymers wrote on February 28, 2007
I am interested in her music! the first album was really good in my opinion. I don't understand why some people start to talk about her way of living. What does that have to do with the new CD she will release?
elvis74charmed wrote on February 28, 2007
I can't wait for her Third album. I really Love her singing, and yes, I know her father would be proud of her.
Anton wrote on February 28, 2007
It is not if we like her work/her voice or not. Many times it is her behaviour that bothers EP fans worldwide...She should start to realize her responsabilities...she is old enough now (her Dad was right thinking she wouldn't grow up until 28 yrs of age...or wasn't he?)Believe, for her own sake, she should NOT further pursue a career and should focus on how she could make EP fans happier with materials of her Dad that are still not published or released. As she has gotten a lot of money up front in cash from Sillerman's CKXE she should, for years now, still be laughing all the way to the bank. So she should let us share her jolliness. 450,000 of us, EPfans definitely "merit" better attention from her and her Mom. Just in case she refuses to stop her singing career, maybe she should contemplate singing more duets with her father (for "her" fans...if there are some hundreds of those still around...) Songs like Your time hasn't come yet baby (and let her add some more line to it), Where do I come from, Puppet on a string, try Big boss man (my Dad) or And I love HIM so, etc etc No, at her age, her father would NOT be proud of her wated life, so far. Fans reactions welcomed.
Mark S. wrote on February 28, 2007
Funny. When Elvis is criticized for what ever reason, people tend to quote "walk a mile in my shoes" an awful lot. Looking at the comments here, LM apparently doesn’t deserve the same amount of understanding…
artfromtex wrote on February 28, 2007
Lisa Marie should do whatever makes her happy. That's what E would have wanted, as would any parent.
Jazz wrote on February 28, 2007
Lisa owes Elvis fans NOTHING! if you do not like the fact, that she makes money from her share in EPE or the fact she owns Graceland etc, don't buy Elvis related stuff, don't go to Graceland. Her CD's are very very good. I cannot wait for the next CD. She is not Elvis.. nobody will ever be Elvis! He was and is greatest of all time. we cannot expect Lisa to live for the Elvis fans. She has a right to live a life her own way. She helps a lot of charities and has raised two decent children... kids who do not behave like Paris, Britney etc. Just that says she is a decent person. Musically, i have seen her in concert twice and I think she was fantastic. Enjoyed the whole concert. Elvis would be so proud of his little girl. And he would not be impressed with 'his' fans hating his pride and joy so much.
Viva wrote on February 28, 2007
I suppose this means she will soon be coming out of the woodwork again and telling everyone how wonderful her dad was. It's a bit like the old saying "Red sky at night, shepherds delight" only this time it's "Lisa's talking about her dad, there's a new CD to be had". As far as I am concerned she has become an irrelevant aspect of Elvis Presley in the 21st century, and that goes for her mother too. The opening of Graceland to the public aside, they have done NOTHING which can be considered as being for the long term good of Elvis Presley's reputation and popularity. They can now be classified alongside the same leeches and parasites who were responsible for putting Elvis into an early grave 30 years ago. In light of her behaviour and choices of recent years Lisa Marie has become a disgrace to Elvis' name and body of work. That's the reason so many Elvis fans like myself can't stand her: It is simply because we care about Elvis Presley, and she has done nothing to defend her father when he has been unjustly treated and couldn't be bothered to promote his recorded works. The only thing she has managed to do is sell off the family silver to a monopolising, corporate giant; the net result of which has seen the increase of Elvis bottle openers, ashtrays and the official approval of those losers in society who some (Not me) choose to call "Tribute Artists" (I have my own special name for those, can you guess what it is?). Bearing this in mind, the fact that she has a new album out, regardless of how good or bad it might be, I don't think is relevant to Elvis fans or this site. Go visit her website if you love her so much, and leave us real fans to ponder and discuss the merits of the latest ELVIS release.
CEP wrote on February 28, 2007
Why on earth does Lisa Marie and for that matter Priscilla owe Elvis fans anything at all.What a horrible bunch some Elvis fans.If I was Elvis's son I'm not sure I'd make any effort at to do anything for the fans based on the rudeness and lack of appreciation I would get back. I say again - they owe us nothing - grow up
ext_mnx wrote on February 28, 2007
If Mrs. Loockwood did not join the new consortium this mean that she was not interesting. I did not buy her other albums and I will not buy her next album. And her scandal for to be a bad influence over her daugther beacuse of the unfamous pictures with her daughter that drunks alcohol the last year. (I saw all the pictures in a magazine) was other reason for to lost the the Capitol sign. ...Is my opinion
ext_mnx wrote on February 28, 2007
"walk a mile in my shoes" is a bored old fashion line. "walk a mile in my shoes" bores
Jerome wrote on February 28, 2007
somehow I feel that there's a lot of underskin jealousy on Lisa Marie.. Her looks, her experiences, her priviliges to the king's heritage. I heard worse singers nowadays that are less inspired and talented but still got a record deal. Think from the heart and don't be jealous and certainly don't put her down on trying alone...
ext_mnx wrote on February 28, 2007
Salutes to mrs. lisa "Jerome" lockwood.
Jen74 wrote on March 01, 2007
I have her 2 other albums. The first one was imported to my country but the second one wasn't and I was so upset so a freind got me one when he visited Memphis last Augost. To those who say they don't care I can only say that each one of us have diffrent taste in music and you don't have to like Lisa's music but to those who say they didn't buy her 2 other albums and wan't buy the new one but still say she can't sing and she's not interesting: YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'R TALLKING ABUT BECOSE YOU NEVER LISTEND TO HER!! Lisa Marie is a very good Rock and ballade singer, she's a great perfomer and she's beutifull. You don't like her, that's your problem. Good luck Lisa Marie, Hope to have you album in my country.
chrisc wrote on March 01, 2007
I think the main thing you have to keep in mind when talking about what Lisa should and shouldn't do, is that she is in the so-called "church" of Scientology. The church's method is to put great group pressure on its members until the church's aims become the person's aims. Jerry Schilling has pointed out that when Lisa was about 20 she approached him to become her manager, but she had acting in mind. Years later we were told she had always wanted to be a singer ever since she was a little girl. Interestingly, this is the same story Scientologist Juliette Lewis came out with when she began singing with her group The Licks a few years back, when she switched from acting to singing. To keep this short, Scientology have told Lisa she should use the Presley name and get out there and get the church some publicity to attract new members, in order to increase the church's profits. Founder L. Ron Hubbard's early papers show that he said if you want to make money, start a new church. They are registered as a church for tax exemption purposes. You do need to make a study of Scientology is you want to understand anything about why Lisa does as she does. It is not up to her what she does - Sci has extremely strict control. Of course, it was Priscilla who put her in there when she herself had ambitions to use the Presley name. Also, please watch what is happening to the unsuspecting Beckhams just now, with their "new friends" Katie and Tom Cruise. I presume Sci spotted two not-too-bright characters, loaded with cash and ready for the picking.
Viva wrote on March 01, 2007
You lot are missing the point: It is not about whether Lisa-Marie (Or LMFP as she likes to call herself) is a good singer or not. If anyone thinks the upcoming album is any good or not is wholly irrelevant. You cannot argue the fact that she is does absolutely nothing to either promote or, at the very least, stand up for Elvis when he has been venomously attacked in the media and the entertainment industry. If she doesn't owe Elvis fans anything, then why does she use all the Elvis sites and magazines to promote her dubious talent? But really I do agree that she doesn't owe us fans a damn thing (unless you count her huge wealth of course), but she certainly does owe her father, and she owes him bigtime. At the very least she owes him the decency of looking after her inheritance, his recorded legacy and (Most importantly, in my opinion) his reputation. She has done none of these things - and that is the problem most fans have with her. I care about Elvis Presley and his position in the world of entertainment, and if you think Lisa Marie is great then that's your problem, and it really is a problem. She married a pervert, spoke on national radio about graphic, offensive and, at the very least disturbing subjects, been married almost as many times as Elizabeth Taylor, and the worst of all sold off everything except the kitchen sink in order to make a buck, with no regard or foresight into the damaging effect this would have on Elvis Presley's unequalled body of work or his public image, and THAT is the real point. As for Elvis not liking anyone talking about Lisa in this way, well if he were alive things would be very different anyway, and if there is an afterlife I reckon that he is absolutely livid with her. You are supposed to be Elvis fans, and yet we have to endure comments like "im sick of the elvis releses dont we have enough allready (sic)" and "as far as the elvis inpersonaters i love em and i think there great .As a matter of fact im one my self (sic)". I rest my case.
Viva wrote on March 01, 2007
chrisc: Good point, and that's something else that's wrong with that lot.
Steve V wrote on March 01, 2007
As for her singing, she'd be voted off American Idol. She could not compete with real good singers. I completely agree with Scientology controlling her moves. A look at the new Katie Holmes confirms that. Cults are never healthy. I feel she is really removed from Elvis at this point. I was embarassed for Elvis when I heard that radio interview a few years ago. I'm sure Elvis was spinning. Other than that, she is prob a very nice person.
Mystery Rider wrote on March 02, 2007
Shes got no record label because she's got no talent. Just a name and that dont cut it. Maybe she should go back and do another oldsmobile commerical, they are out of business like she should be. Maybe she should do some work in her life like drive a an ice cream truck instead of living off the family name showing up on tv wearing sneekers and playing with her fingers.. Tarzans pet monkey was smarter then her, and of course michael jackson ughhh, betcha it still gets lots of laughs from lots folks
Mystery Rider wrote on March 02, 2007
Also let me say this about that, 73 was the beginning of the slide for elvis after aloha i'm sorr y to say it was all down hill after that, there were no more mountains to climb just watch the physical appearance changing every time i see 73 i become saddened
Mofoca22 wrote on March 04, 2007
wooo hooo!!! i cant wait to hear lisa marie she is elvis part 2. baby i dont care what anyone says about her being talentless she is talented. half you people here are just jealous goons who wish elvis was your father and wish you had her life. so quit with the jealousy and actually listen to her music its straight from the heart and you can hear elvis. "listen easy you can hear elvis calling"
Steve V wrote on March 04, 2007
Mofocca22 - Lisa Marie is Elvis Part 2?? I hope you are saying that just to rile Elvis fans up. Most of us have real ears you know. I'm not sure any of us are jealous goons because Elvis was not our father. What a childish thing to say. I guess this is why Elvis fans are ridiculed world wide.
Anton wrote on March 08, 2007
As LisaMarie does not get the same recognition or success for her work as (mediocre) singer, maybe she should team up with other singers who she might want to do a duet with...Michael J, Diane Kroll, old Tony Bennett, Neil Sedaka, Paul Anka...all from those Elvis days...and sing Elvis hits with them (and change or adapt some lyrics) Then she might make some more money but Elvis' hits are back in the news and the general public may go out and buy those original hits sung by our King !! Marketing, Lisa! But it seems to us that you don't listen to us....