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Elvis The Official Collectors Edition

February 26, 2007 | Other
Available in the United Kingdom is a new collector series magazine entitled "Elvis The Official Collectors Edition" from DeAgostini.


Elvis’ red-hot sound and super-cool looks transformed him into the world’s leading rock ‘n’ roll icon. Thirty years after his death, Elvis’ appeal hasn’t faded, and now the magic that was (and is) the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll is captured in Elvis – The Official Collector’s Edition.

Each issue of this exceptional new series consists of three parts – magazine, artifacts and mini-posters – that build into a celebration of the life and work of Elvis Presley. This series is produced in association with Elvis Presley Enterprises Inc., the trustees of Elvis’ estate, which have contributed their privileged insight into Elvis and provided photographs for the magazines, the artifacts and mini-posters from its picture library based at Graceland.

Devoted entirely to Elvis includes articles explaining key events in the star’s life and career.

Illustrated with photographs direct from the archives at Graceland, each issue helps you build a greater understanding of this amazing talent.

Each issue in the series includes three (or more) printed artifacts. These include Elvis’ personal documents, music and film memorabilia, and awards and landmarks.

Holding these artifacts, you can see and feel that they have a truly authentic quality that can only come from reproducing them as closely as possible to the originals held at Graceland. Unrivalled as a collection outside of Elvis’ former home, these artifacts build a unique documentary record of Elvis’ life.

For more information go to the DeAgostini website.
Source:De Agostini - Elvis

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Anton wrote on February 27, 2007
Congrats ! But try very hard to bring "quality" and above all: innovative stuff, articles re. marketing ideas and polls for fans to voice their creative ideas and suggestions that should be sent to BMG and EPE Mgmt so that they release the right stuff that we, 450,000 of us, want to buy: It could render service to all and bring in 8 million dollars for BMG and EPE...not bad hé?? Let the voice of fans and marketing ideas prevail !! They need it more than you think at Graceland and also on Madison Ave.,NY or in Copenhagen, DK. Roger&Ernst should listen more carefully what fans really want to spend their money on....CDBoxes, more FTD digis, DVDs, Concerts, Studio outtakes, movie outtakes, double album FTD digipacks of GGGirls, KCreole, Roust, KCousins, Speedway, Easy come a.o. PLUS of course the EonTour 73 Concerts (12!!! without any interviews...just our King singing on stage....MGM's edited to the bone !) Please send us your opinion, fans. How else should they know ?
Steve V wrote on February 27, 2007
Anton - you are very stuck on that 450,000 number arent you? I doubt all those fans would buy everything you mention. In fact, I cant imagine 450,000 copies of Kissin Cousins being sold, can you really believe that will happen? By the way, where did you get that figure from?
Tupelo3577 wrote on February 27, 2007
I'm from the Uk and have this collection on order by subsription. Issue one looks good, if the rest of it is similar should be worth having. Depending on how sales go will determine how many issues they will produce.
Tony D. wrote on February 27, 2007
Ernst and Roger ARE giving fans what they want. The FTD label released no less than 10 titles in one year last year! That's enough for anyone's pocket! There are THREE MORE being released this april! Also, they sell a worldwide average of about 10,000 each! "A full concert from "On tour" was released on the "Close up" box set in 2003 and there are many studio out-takes available over the 40 or so FTD releases so far! Back to the magazine series, I went to a promotional meeting about this a couple of months ago and was impressed with the package. A TV advert should be screened very soon to promote this series.
MR61 wrote on February 28, 2007
HOW many magazines will be made 10 ,100,1000 anybody know