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Cover Art Elvis: Still Taking Care Of Business

February 25, 2007 | Book
Here is the cover art of the upcoming Sonny West and Marshall Terrill book "Elvis: Still Taking Care of Business" which is due for release May 2007 by Triumph Books.

Synopsis from the publisher:

In this unique and intimate volume, Sonny West, Elvis Presley's close friend and bodyguard for nearly two decades, provides a no-holds barred, first-hand depiction of "The King." "Elvis" is packed with previously unseen photographs and untold stories about Presley's personal and public life - learn why he refused the not-so-subtle advances of Ursula Andress on the set of "Fun in Acapulco", uncover amazing personal details from Presley's historic meeting with the Beatles, and discover the secrets behind the King's famous handshake with Richard Nixon in 1970. This will become a treasured addition to the collections of Elvis fans everywhere.
Source:Magazines: Bill E. Burk's Elvis World

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Shakingruud wrote on February 25, 2007
Well, at least the front cover pic is stunning!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on February 25, 2007
Someone please gives me the meaning of friend,because it must be differt than the way i view it,airing peoples problems out does not mean friend, and saying that you did it to get them to wake up isnt an excuse!
PaulFromFrance wrote on February 25, 2007
Some years ago, I bought all the books talking about Elvis. I couldn't resist when I saw Elvis on a cover. I literally bought dozens of them. Now, I've completely changed my thoughts about these "tell-all" books and this one from Juda West will not change my mind. Actually, I'm in the process of selling all of these kind of books, only keeping those with stunning pictures (Ger Riff books for example, among others) or with interesting facts about recording sessions and so on... I agree the cover is good though.
Sean Ryan wrote on February 25, 2007
I still cant understand why some fans still have a problem with Sonny.Its so ignorant its unbelieveable.Yes, Sonny did and said things that were wrong but more so did Elvis. Fans go on about friendship but if Elvis was a real friend to Sonny he would have sacked Sonny to his face and not got his Dad to have done it.Its easy to look back and say i would have done this or i would have done that but there is nothing Sonny did that he should be ashamed of.The only ones who should be ashamed are the so-called fans who still put Sonny down and dont really have any idea what it must have been like to live with Elvis.Im looking forward to this book and im sure there will be some great moments in it.I thought that as soon as an article for this book came up it would give some a reason to put Sonny down again.Give the guy a break.
Mielvis wrote on February 25, 2007
Let's be real. All these guys hung with Elvis to have the cushy life afforded by his celebrity and money. Since he's be gone they are still trying to cash in. I mean just look......how many times can you tell the same story? Maybe by embellishing them huh? For me what it comes down too is in the entire Elvis world, the only one who really matters is Elvis
Sean Ryan wrote on February 25, 2007
Ok Mielvis,yes, lets be real.Please can you tell me what Sonny got out of working for Elvis? Sonny didnt make alot of money working for Elvis, none of them did.They were all on basic wages and proberly could have got more working in other fields of employment. Please explain Sonny's cushy life Mielvis.How many times can you tell the same story? As far as im concerned this book is about Sonny's life with Elvis.Never been out before.Im certain that if we could all go back to the 50's and Elvis said to you or i would you give up 20 years of your life to work for me, your telling me that you would say no?
Steve V wrote on February 25, 2007
It's been 30 years and these book are still coming out. Not all are good, I mean Elvis' nurse, cook, etc, they bored me to tears because their stories were of no interest to me. But some of these books do have interesting stories to tell. Lets face it, if it werent for these guys, would you ever have known how the famous meeting with The Beatles went or how Elvis felt about some of his movies, recordings, other singers, the Colonel, etc?. So in a way I see a purpose to some of these books and who else but the closest people to him are there to tell it? I may give this one a chance. After all its not like its a ghost writer such as Albert Goldman!
Steve B. wrote on February 25, 2007
I am happy to say, I don't any "tell-all" books. I am amazed that people continue to buy them after all these years.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on February 25, 2007
So not handling a persons firing is the same as righting a tell all book for the whole world to see? and then claiming your trying to help them,also im not iggnorant,and peoples comments and oppions can be said without the your stupid or ignorant kind of remarks, i for one wouldnt take these kind of books if you gave them to me free,as for peoples stroys,sometimes there half true or half remembered correctly,i for one dont understand why people want every book put out on elvis,my take on this guy remains the same,and no i have no blinders and so many like to call it when it comes to elvis,i just dont need to know every detail of everything elvis!
Devon wrote on February 25, 2007
The man has been gone almost 30 years, please let it rest!
hound216 wrote on February 25, 2007
I think I'll pass on this one. We've already heard enough of the Elvis story from Sonny West hav'nt we? I cannot believe he has the nerve to pretend to be a friend with an objective, happy story to tell now that it's the 30'th anniversary of... - "Elvis What Happened?" Which, by the way is also (coincidentally?) the year of Elvis' death. I guess Sonny had to do something like write a book. He certainly ain't gonna' work for a living. As for Sean Ryan - I'm an Elvis fan, not a Sonny West fan.
Getlow wrote on February 26, 2007
Sean is right and I don't mean offence but mielvis you clearly don't know what your talking about.....
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on February 26, 2007
So now working for elvis had no benefits? the free travel, etc,and im guessing that elvis also forcred them to stay,your right, they couldnt have went and got jobs somewere else, mean ole elvis had them doing all those things for them,so why did they stay? I guess anyone who doesntl ike his book or who its coming just doesnt know what there talking about either! well thats ok never claimed to be a rocket scientist, but i do know what i like and who i like!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on February 26, 2007
So now working for elvis had no benefits? the free travel, etc,and im guessing that elvis also forcred them to stay,your right, they couldnt have went and got jobs somewere else, mean ole elvis had them doing all those things for him,so why did they stay? I guess anyone who doesnt like his book or who its coming just doesnt know what there talking about either! well thats ok never claimed to be a rocket scientist, but i do know what i like and who i like!
efan4ever wrote on February 26, 2007
Well said Sean Ryan.
Narek wrote on February 26, 2007
Very unattractive cover BTW. And about Sonny. He was a traitor, he broke the MM code, he sold his friend to the yellow press. About what wre the benefits of working with Elvis and the average salaries they got. Well now this is ridiculous. I agree that none of them made a fortune, but on the other hand most of them were worth nothing in terms of professions. What would Sonny or Red do to ever earn more money rather than be with Elvis? They were no rocket scientsts, that's for sure. Was he a professional bodyguard? He may be big and tall but, hey, there's a lot more required to be a bodyguard. Plus, don't forget the girls, the cars and lots of other things. Elvis was Godsent for these guys. And they BETRAYED him.
Viva wrote on February 26, 2007
Great cover photo, although smaller writing would look better. My biggest issue with this book is that it is clearly a re-hash of stories we've known about for years, and yet has the nerve to state that it is packed with "Untold stories". Well, the incidents detailed above have been very well documented previously and certainly do not deserve the overly used "Untold" label. This appears to be a blatant cash-in on the anniversary, and from what I can gather, adds nothing new or valuable to the Elvis story. That is the ONLY reason for not buying this book, and all those short sighted fans who see everything Elvis did through rose coloured glasses need to realise that Sonny West was there, and just because you don't like the contents of "Elvis-What Happened" doesn't make it any less true or accurate. I personally do not agree with the way in which they went about publishing this book, but I certainly do understand why they did it and it's about time some fans grew up a bit and accepted the fact that despite being one of the kindest, most decent and sensitive human beings ever; Elvis also had the capacity to be a complete arsehole. Just because someone, who was there, pointed that out thirty years ago does not mean they deserve to be subject to such nasty comments displayed below. As for condemning Elvis Fans who understand this complex side of the story, ie "June" and the like, all this does is show your lack of understanding of Elvis the man, and an unwillingness to accept the darker side of his personality. I, for one, am quite capable of believing that Elvis said and did some awful things, but still think he was one of the greatest individuals of the 20th century and certainly one of it's great humanitarians who did more for the integration of popular culture and tolerance of others than most politicians. The Wests were as much victims as Elvis was.
Steve V wrote on February 26, 2007
Very well said Viva. I do believe most of these stories simply because they have been verified by so many other people. Yes it was bad timing in 1977, but Elvis certainly could be 2 very diff people, and a lot of that blame has to go to the Colonel for not letting him grow as an artist, Hal Wallis, RCA, his father, the 60's music revolution, the 70's grind of touring & Vegas, pills, etc. It's not only the Memphis Mafia who say these things, its other celebs in their books and so forth. Browse a book section in a store one day and look at other folks biographies and their ELvis views/experience. You may be surprised.
tmorelli@hughes.net wrote on February 26, 2007
Not only has it been 30 years since these 'tell all' books started coming out but it has been 30 years since the debate regarding whether or not the authors have the right to share their stories began. My opinion is that they have the right to share their stories just as we have the right to either buy or not buy the resulting books. The guys that worked for Elvis didn't make a whole lot in terms of a weekly salary but that doesn't really make a difference does it? Even if Elvis paid them $100,000 a year do you think that it would have prevented any of the books that were written over the last 30 years from coming out? I don't. These people have stories that hold some form of value otherwise the books would not be selling. They were witnesses to history to varying degrees and if they think they can earn some $$ and support themselves and their families telling what they saw then I don't fault them - as long as the stories are factual and presented without the Goldman hyperbole. I guess working for Elvis was like being in the Marines (once a Marine, always a Marine). Even thirty years out a lot of his former employees still derive a large part of their income from their connection to Elvis. Who said he didn't provide his guys with a retirement? I would argue that most of them have been able to go into semi-retirement since 8/16/77 and live off the royalties of their association with Elvis in one form or another since the ambulance bearing his body rolled out of the gates of Graceland.
Sean Ryan wrote on February 26, 2007
I think Viva has said what i was gonna say but i will make a point in saying that i am an Elvis fan but look at Elvis as a man who,sadly, at the end of his life, wanted people around him who were 'yes' men and werent gonna argue with him no matter what, if anyone did then he was sacked.Sadly, Elvis brought on his own downfall and there is no one who was around him that should be blamed for what happened.Some fans should look at it from Sonny's point of view.He wasnt a guy like Charlie or Joe who were gonna be a servant to Elvis and thats not a dig at those guys cause im sure if they tried to stop Elvis like Red and Sonny did then they would have been sacked as well.Sonny loved Elvis and gave alot of years loyal service to him.The book Elvis:What Happened is quite a good book if anyone here who hates Sonny has bothered to read it.I think Elvis dying a few weeks after it came out turned the book into a completely different read.You have to read the book as if Elvis was still alive.Yes, Sonny was bitter and i dont blame him.I do believe also that it was one final attempt to make Elvis see what he was doing to himself.Red did say about the book'If the fans know what Elvis is doing to himself it might just be the thing to get himself sorted out cause he wont listen to us'.Sadly, Elvis never listened to anyone until it was too late.
stanton wrote on February 26, 2007
Well, all I have to say about the "Yes-Men" is: beyond being sophisticated and beyond behavior. The other night they showed a 45min picture called "Mythos Elvis" on phoenix channel. Boy, oh boy....if they would have never made it to be the "yes-men" who in heaven would have ever looked at them, listened to them or even-as they brag about - went to bed with them. All I can say: they had a life like moviestars and up to this day don`t appreciate it; I guess they still think they are someone.....the last people Elvis deserved being surrounded with. At the end he noticed, but unfortunately too late; otherwise they wouldn`t be able to still make money with their undeserved logan leaves.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on February 26, 2007
Do some research on bi-polar and tell me what you find,never said elvis was perfect or couldnt be hard to get along with, i just get tired of hearing the same ole poor sonny etc,im here because im a fan of elvis not sonny ,red or anyone else.you wont us to forget a book that was written yet some cant get over the fact that no one lost there life but elvis,depression and having a bi - polar disorder will turn your world upside down, as for charlie at least he didnt write about every personal detail the way some of these other guys have, im just not on whos into tell all books,and while i know elvis wasnt a saint,there are places you dont go with your story telling and alot of these guys have went to those places!
Sean Ryan wrote on February 26, 2007
Whats the old saying?? "You can lead a mule to water but you can make it drink it".
MR61 wrote on February 26, 2007
Well its been coming and here it is, buy it or dont love him or hate him we all have different thoughts I will be buying it but why didnt red or dave but there bit in with it they had alot to say in 77. Any body know what the three amigos do now for a living?
MR61 wrote on February 26, 2007
Whos left to write another book the Col. dead, Charlies dead, Allans dead, James dead, Lamar Billy and Marty have wrote one. Joes wrote one now Sonny theres only Red and Dave left to my knowledge sorry not forgetting Priscilla and Lisa Marie but they have wrote theres all ready the recent book The Presleys, we have had the cooks and the handy man. tcb band members ect. secertarys, sorry cant think of any body else! can anybody else add a few to the list come on there must be a few hundred I forgot out there.
chefkemp wrote on February 26, 2007
tried this before?
Sean Ryan wrote on February 26, 2007
yeah, that annoying little girl in 'Paradise Hawaiin Style' and that flash little kid from 'Fun In Acapulco'.
MR61 wrote on February 26, 2007
think those two did a magazine expo instead, come on someone whats happened to the other two amigos. not heard from red since the EPFC Holiday week a few years ago now
chefkemp wrote on February 26, 2007
Ok for some reason my posts in the past have not happened. So here goes again and i will keep it short, Sonny? give him a break ! have you never hurt someone you love or made a mistake in your life? This book is the best thing that has happened to Elvis fans in a long time, this is a bit of fresh air and Sonny was and is Elvis's best friend and also his cousin Red. Fans that continue to relate to the 30 year old book that Sonny & Red wrote are living in the past and as far as i am concerned thats where you all belong!Me? i am going forward and learning about the greatest entertainer the world has and will ever know. Sonny & Red respect total.
Narek wrote on February 27, 2007
2 chefkemp: "Fans that continue to relate to the 30 year old book that Sonny & Red wrote are living in the past and as far as i am concerned thats where you all belong!" They betrayed the "greatest entertainer" and their friend. That is a fact. What do you mean living in the past? that's just a fact we can't deny that's it. It's not any big issue for me. I'm not "living in the past" I KNOW the past. that's one big difference. My knowing that doesn't mean I'm not "going forward". Here's a quote for you "Those who don't know the past are doomed to repeat the mistakes". No respect for traitors Red & Sonny
Steve V wrote on February 27, 2007
MR61 - how about George Klein? He was there from the begininng and hasnt told his story yet.
MR61 wrote on February 28, 2007
I heard he has one on the way steve. yes chefkemp i agree it was 30 years ago let him write a book if you want it buy it if you dont dont, but whats happened to red hes very quiet these days so is dave last time i saw dave was on itv saying something about a shirt he had flogged or something like that ,i wonder if sonnys book will help ,also if your reading this sonny or andrew h.will you be coming back to good old blackpool mist you last time