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The Real Elvis Spirit

February 20, 2007 | Other
In the Monday edition of the newspaper 'Het Laatste Nieuws' in Belgium, the story of the 17 year old Michiel Stroobans was published.

Elvis fan Michiel was born half paralyzed and has a eye disease. The nerves in his eye does not get enough blood and oxygen and will stop functioning at some point. It's not possible to threat or heal this problem. In a while, Michiel will be completely blind. It's the dream of Michiel to see Graceland before he's not able to do it anymore. After reading this touching article, ElvisMatters contacted the Stroobans family with the news that Michiel and his dad can join the club trip in august without any cost.

The Belgian ElvisMatters is happy that they can go on with the tradition of Elvis who donated a lot for the good cause.
Mystery Rider wrote on February 20, 2007
This a really good thing.....hang on son you'll make it.
gbalaban wrote on February 21, 2007
Outstanding! Have a great time man!
Anton wrote on February 21, 2007
Couldn't agree more with lots of EP fans: this is a fabulous move that we invite ALL EPFClub presidents in their countries to think about and implement...in Elvis' way/style as MysteryRider and GBalaban write ... good comments, son! Let's broaden this concept and start a massive operation like this throughout the world and show critics and reports that Elvis' fandom is human and that there are a lot of humans with good hearted morals wanting to help others in this violent world we live in today. Any little bit of this sort can make a hell of a difference to a lot of people and ...also helps further promote Elvis' true image & feelings and values he stood for ! Your views and comments welcomed. Let us kinow.