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Rights To Just Like Rolling Up The Hill Sell For $30,000.

February 23, 2007 | Other
Search for Elvis Presley items on eBay, and you will turn up hundreds — no thousands — of souvenirs, photos, albums, magazine articles, 45s, LPs, CDs, and just about anything and everything someone could slap a TCB logo on. But occasionally, something very rare and unusual turns up, and that’s just what happened recently when someone decided to sell the rights to Elvis’ last recorded song.

In 1973, the King of Rock and Roll teamed up with songwriter Paul Terry King to produce and record two songs. One of these, “If I’d Only Bought Her Roses,” was sold last year to Robert X. Sillerman, the current owner of Elvis Presley Enterprises for an undisclosed price.

But the other song, “Just Like Rolling Up the Hill,” has remained a secret until now, when Hill — not in the best of health — decided to sell the rights on eBay. What this means, according to eBay, is that the new owner can “produce, sing, or release it yourself.” It was promoted on eBay as “Elvis’ Last Recorded Song.”

Sounds like a risky venture, but hey it worked for Elvis, so it might work for the highest bidder, an unidentified (or in eBay’s terms, “private”) buyer who ended up paying $31,101 for the rights. The winner receives “copyright and all associated publication and performance rights, etc.”

Learn more about this unusual auction at www.elvissong.info.
Steve V wrote on February 23, 2007
I dont believe it - Elvis never wrote music.
Colonel wrote on February 23, 2007
He might have written some songs (he worked on "You'll be gone", too) but that is pure speculation. Even if he wrote this song, I'm glad he didn't release it, 'cause it kinda sucks...
Steve V wrote on February 24, 2007
I think Elvis' writing amounted to an idea for a song, or a lyric change here & there perhaps a title, but to sit down & compose music or lyrics, no. This has been confirmed by all who knew him. I dont buy this story for a minute. Too bad it sucks cause if people believe he wrote it, thats not good
SuziB wrote on February 24, 2007
More likely of course that the guy assigned co-credit rights to Elvis I would have thought that Sillerman would have looked in to this very carefully before parting with his money. If Elvis does have composer and/or publishing rights to these songs, surely his ownership sset passed to his estate, so how can this guy sell them without EPE consent?