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Jumpsuit Expo Open

February 20, 2007 | Other
After Graceland, the highlight of the next two years will be without any doubt the 'Sincerely Elvis Museum'. There are not less than 56 jumpsuits on display. Duke, citizen of Memphis and reporter for our collegue's at Elvis Express Radio visted the expo and was overwhelmed. The suits are placed in a timeline, starting with 1969 and ending with the baby blue suit that Elvis would never where in 1977. Sources inside EPE confirm that they own 88 jumpsuits: 56 in this expo, 10 in the racquetball building, 3 in the trophy room and 2 in the Afterdark expo. That means that there are still 17 suits that are left in the vaults.
Jth wrote on February 20, 2007
Is it known how many jumpsuits were manufactured?
SendToTodd wrote on February 20, 2007
Please forgive me but I do not understand this obsession with Elvis' jump suits. Yes, they were Elvis' stage costumes, but that is all they were, as too were his shoes, socks and undies. Elvis' music is what is important, that is the heart and soul of Elvis Presley, not an empty garment. Look at the man's face, his bone structure, his mouth, those eyes and that voice. Elvis was a man, a real man, a man who lived a life and entertained the world. A man who suffered because of his talent. Elvis will never be, for me, a pile of old clothing covered with a handful of rhinestones.
FJE wrote on February 20, 2007
Spot on Todd. I too never could understand all the fuss about Jumpsuits, Elvis Wine, Elvis rubber ducks, Elvis this and Elvis that! To me Elvis was the greatest singer in the world, period.
Steve V wrote on February 20, 2007
Ditto - I think the jumpsuits are more ridiculed by the masses than looked up to by the fans. I for one, never cared for them beyond 1970 when they were still considered cutting edge. When we get to the mid-70's, they were not flattering at all.
tmorelli@hughes.net wrote on February 20, 2007
The unique thing about Elvis' stage attire is just that - it was unique. Elvis was known for gaudy / cutting edge attire from his Humes days so it is fitting that even up until his final performance he was wearing outfits that were both cutting edge, admired, parodied and despised depending on who you talk to. As Elvis said - "the image is one thing, the human being is another". I see the jumpsuits as a perfect example of that. From 1969 to 1972 the human being wore the jumpsuits - after that the 'image' required that he continue to wear them even when at 250+ pounds they only conspired to accentuate his weight and serve up decades worth of material to bad comics. I never saw Elvis in concert but for someone who had I think it would be a thrill to stand next to the outfit that you saw him perform in 30+ years ago. Also - I think equating the jumpsuits to socks and underwear is a bit off. These suits like it or not were a big part of the 'show' and therefore they should be equated more with the guitars, songs and location than with his undergarments.
Palle wrote on February 20, 2007
I agree with tmorelli, and I too would like to know if it's known how many jumpsuits were made for Elvis
see see rider wrote on February 20, 2007
Well I for one think that being in the same room with all these Jumpsuits would be just breath taking. No, ones clothes don't make the person and yes over the years the jumpsuits have been the butt end of many a joke but as I always say, who cares what people say & think, let 'em talk..I for one loved (and still do) the suits. Elvis to me, looked like a superhero when he was wearing them up on stage..along with the capes..and of course we all know where the idea came from for the Jumpsuits. As for being gaudy, there not anymore gaudy than most of the stuff these people are wearin' today..that goes for clothes and jewelry
gary 1 wrote on February 21, 2007
After what was said in february/march 2007 edition (page 55) of the Elvis fan club magazine about Elvis and i quote ''From a truck driver who wanted to make a record for his momma,via his reign as the worlds best selling artist to his EVENTUAL DECAY AS A PORTLY,PILL POPPING JUNKIE,who was discovered dead in his bathroom on his Graceland estate''Do you really think some of us care what you have got to say?
Anton wrote on February 21, 2007
Elvis had vision and was innovative...daring. The great thing about the jumpsuits is not whether you like it or not...it is just some of the best marketing you'll ever witnessed in the entertainment world! Elvis never studied marketing, but boy, did he come up with fab stuff...first to dare to R'n'Roll on national TV in the 50s...sing black music and then his leather-suit-look of the fifties on TV in 68...plus then the jumpsuits in Vegas what the whole world has seen and what made part of his new image...In fact, nearly all pitctures of EP in today's publications, almost always show our King in a jumpsuit! It goes to show the man had brilliant eyes for innovative marketing tools and applied it, notwithstanding criticism. We think it is a great move to have the museum open ! Agree with tmorelli; Todd, Steve, Gary and CCRider, take note of this. When will there be published a j-suit book (maybe by EBonja, Keith Alverson or GHill or Sandy??)
Lefty wrote on February 21, 2007
I've been to Graceland twice. Everything there is a feast for the eyes, but nothing captured my attention more than the costumes. It's exciting to see the Aloha jumpsuit, the Sundial jumpsuit, etc., up close. Doing so brings a flood of memories and emotions. Whenever anyone thinks of jumpsuits, they think of Elvis. Like them or not, they were a part of his unique identity.
gary 1 wrote on February 21, 2007
Anton i agree with what you are saying.I'm all for the jumpsuits display.I've seen how much work has gone into it.
John4126 wrote on February 21, 2007
I don't have a problem with this. Jumpsuits were a huge part of Elvis' persona and said a lot about him. I would visit it. Fashion has always interested people. Just look at the recent interest in Kylies outfits in London.