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Elvis Sells

February 20, 2007 | Book
Here is an illustration that "Elvis" still sells. The book "Elvis Was A Truck Driver ... And Other Useless Facts!" appears to have little to do with Elvis besides its title and cover artwork. It was released by Lulu.com and contains 200 pages.
Source:Elvis Club Berlin
Anton wrote on February 21, 2007
As Elvis started as a truck driver...why wouldn't the famous Dutch DAF truck company, or Mercedes or Volvo do a worldwide promotion centrered around our King? He might help sell a few more trucks...If the american or european truck manufacturers don't do it, you'll soon see the Japs or Chinese do it; watch son ! The same goes for "Cadillac" which should do a deal with EPE Mgmt and promote their cars with Elvis (one of their all time best ever customers and C-buyers!!) at the center.Maybe they can work out a deal around Elvis' On Tour DVD or FTD Box to come, as Elvis travelled so many roads in his great cars....Now you're talking marketing son! C'mon everybody, let yourself go and think creatively OK.