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Elvis News #97

February 19, 2007 | Other
The Danish Elvis News magazine contains news, reviews and a pretty complete illustrated overview of the latest releases. The main articles are on Elvis' backing group VOICE and the venues Elvis once performed in.

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Source:Magazines: Elvis News Denmark

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Anton wrote on February 20, 2007
EP Unltd magazine has consistently weakened in quality. The editor and publisher, being so close to the decision making BMG in Denmark should bring us much more info and insight into the Elvis marketing thinking of BMG and EPE Mgmt and publish our recommendations and suggestions re. much more needed innovative marketing of EP product ! Ernst had good ideas but no-one has followed up and mistakes were made. Not-selling-well CDs were released and they keep on doing it, while there are so many successful FTD releases thaqt could be turned into major successes, if only... EP Unltd should publish an article with those recommendations and request fans' opinions and comments...Then invite other BMG entities (like BMG-Holland) to come up and also develop an EP product (general public geared or FTD). Then let's see who does best. Fans reactions welcomed.