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Elvis In The Beat Of The Night Delayed Again

February 24, 2007 | Book
The release of the book "Elvis in the Beat of the Night: True Stories of Elvis and His Police Buddies", which was originally due for release August 2006, has been pushed back again. The tentative release date is now late March 2007 - this is the sixth time the book has been delayed.
Source:Elvis Book Research
JerryNodak wrote on February 24, 2007
Me, too. NOT!!
stanton wrote on February 24, 2007
Why not give the guys a chance to make a buck, too? Many others did who`d better saved their "story" to themselves...
Steve V wrote on February 25, 2007
If a book doesnt concern his music, not interested. This subject matter is really stretching the limits.
Anton wrote on February 27, 2007
Everyone who was related to our King wants sto "cash in" on him and publiswh books....Was very dissappointed in Jerry's book and hesitate a lot to buy JEsposito's book. Larry Geller's book should be coming out soon...and that might shed some new hope for EP fans: Larry must have some great stories to tell....So should the upcoming book of EdBonja. Too bad several of those photographers don't want to get along with one another and give us the benefit to own all those fab pix of our man on stage everywhere...while cashin' in on their photobook sales... We don't mind that Sean Shaver and Keith and George and Bonja get together and publish those .... before we turn 92 years of age...The Stanleys' book should be revealing, but perhaps too far fetched and gooky/spooky?