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The King's Early Hits And Recordings

February 13, 2007 | Music
Released on February 1, 2007 in the UK is the budget compilation "The King's Early Hits". Due for re-release on February 16, 2007 on the Going for (SPV) label is the compilation "The Early Recordings".

Track listing:

1. That's all right
2. Blue moon of Kentucky
3. I don't care if the sun don't shine
4. Good rockin' tonight
5. Milkcow blues boogie
6. You're a heartbreaker
7. I'm left you're right she's gone
8. I love you because
9. Blue moon
10. I'll never let you go
11. Just because
12. Tomorrow night
13. Harbour lights
Dixieland Rock wrote on February 12, 2007
Yesterday's news rehashed with a photo that's been used over and over. No need in wasting money on this.
Colonel wrote on February 13, 2007
I like the cover very much. I must admit I've never seen this before....
Jerome wrote on February 13, 2007
finally something more original..
panda wrote on February 16, 2007
Never seen the cover before but i have got all the songs ten times over