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Now And Forever

February 17, 2007 | Music
Here is another budget CD, this compilation of the same well known material is entitled "Now And Forever".
Source:Elvis Corner
Shaky wrote on February 17, 2007
All these budget releases are now featuring, shall we say 'Hit Material years' and it's destroying the brand and name of Elvis Presley. Each year that passes material with such 'home pc' style cover-art will cover 1956-57-58 and all of Elvis' major historical output will be reduced to 97p bargain bins - what a shame. Beatles fans you will join us when the 1962-63 material enters the radar!
marco31768 wrote on February 17, 2007
I agree with Shaky! I hope that nobody buy those releasings!!!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on February 17, 2007
Is this even news worthy? Its nothing no one needs ,unless for some reason you collect covers, please tell me no one does that!
Christer wrote on February 18, 2007
There are two sides of this as usual. The good side is that songs not available in normal stores for non-hardcore Elvis fans will become available and to an affordable price. New Elvis fans will discover his music and eventually find out about FTD and other "quality" products.
xplaura wrote on February 18, 2007
I have to agree with Christer. As a 15 year old, I didn't have a lot of money, but I liked Elvis...I saved up my babysitting money and bought a budget cassette release because it had a few of the less well known songs on it, ones I'd never heard before. That's how it all started for me, and I bet you there's some young people out there going through the same thing now. Eventually, I was able to afford the more expensive 'collector's editions' and expand my collection, but I'll always have a soft spot for that cassette I bought so many years ago...I have those songs on it in many formats and in different takes, but I can still remember when I got to the music store and picked it out. Us older more experienced collectors should try to remember the early days when we first discovered 'our' man....
Anton wrote on February 19, 2007
Yes, Christer, you are right ! So is Marco D.E. and Shaky-let us all write and demand those innovative FTD releases 450,000 hardcore elvis fans want to buy...and the further enhanceed "live CDs in 3CD Boxes" on FTD of In Person, On Stage and TTWII live renditions. Then the unreleased Double CD albums on FTD carrying Outtakes of those studio session songs. And don't forget they can sell 250,000 copies of new FTD digipacks of GGGirls, KCousins, Roustabout, Speedway and Easy Go ! Not to forget the "complete studio sessions with outtakes" of GI Blues, KCreole and Blue Hawaii. You are right, some of the youngsters will find out about how great the Icon Elvis really was, once they have grown up. Then they will look for good and also "sound" quality ,music, Elvis' music. BMG in DK and perhaps also the Dutch BMG should look more into this matter: how can we sell more EP product...it is NOT by releaseing Let's be Friends or Just for kids or FStar budget Camden stuff...but rather thru sophisticated innovative marketing that is needed at CKXE, EPE and BMG
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on February 19, 2007
I for one dont want all outtakes on the classic series,at least put them on a disc that comes in a digi pack,for us non classic series fans,those classisc series cd's are bulky!