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Legendary Gold

February 17, 2007 | Music
Just released is another 2CD budget release entitled "Legendary Gold". CD 1 contains 12 master tracks and CD 22 contains several interviews.
Source:Elvis Corner
Shaky wrote on February 17, 2007
All these budget releases are now featuring, shall we say 'Hit Material years' and it's destroying the brand and name of Elvis Presley. Each year that passes material with such 'home pc' style cover-art will cover 1956-57-58 and all of Elvis' major historical output will be reduced to 97p bargain bins - what a shame. Beatles fans you will join us when the 1962-63 material enters the radar!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on February 17, 2007
Who buys this stuff,someone living in a padded room?
stanton wrote on February 17, 2007
I don`t know but I just don`t think it`s right to publish material over and over again, putting a new cover on it and hope that someone gets weak and buys it just for the heck of it, because maybe they want to stag up their amount of CD`s or because of the new outfit. It is not the way Elvis`music art should be treated and dealed with. Elvis said himself: I want them to remember the best of me. And I think it might be even damaging to the promotion of his music on new generations; they might buy some bad takes with low soundquality for they weren`t ment to be published in the first place and think that is all the King had accomplished. Who knows? Sometimes things travel strange roads...? These type takes I like myself as I collect them all and since I do have all masterpieces, but I think they belong only on merchandise tables where Elvisfans ONLY roam and not into public market sales.
Tiger-man-GB wrote on February 17, 2007
It's called "Killing The Golden Goose."